5 biggest mistakes employees make — How to resolve them?

You are considered a great leader when you prove your competency in establishing a healthy workforce and a strong organizational performance management system in your firm. It is vital to keep your actions high enough to deal with unmet possibilities as a business owner. It is challenging to set up a business from scratch. But it is indeed trickier and sometimes loathsome to mind every internal matter of the company.

However, situations as such should not be overlooked as this company needs you. The person behind maintaining great perseverance, confidence, faith, and zeal to build up a unique brand should not be pulled down at any cost. Hard work matters, and you, as the business owner, would not want any individual to ruin it. We fail to look at points that lead us to slow damage and crises despite such strong emotion.

Today, this article is about the major unruly mistakes employees create in a company and the solutions to help recover such scenarios.

1. Not knowing What to do!

Employees can often be irritating when they try to do something without doing anything. However, sometimes some employees are not comfortable with the work environment or taking risks. Reasons can be lack of confidence, fear of angering his superiors, not being competitive enough, disappointing the team, etc.


This is a problem that creeps in many employees when newly recruited especially. But not that of a tough situation if considered seriously. With the right direction and support, employees feel safer and confident working even under great stress. It needs to be noted that unless a work environment isn’t friendly enough to accept every mentality, diversity, and equality, it will never aid your organizational performance management system.

Also, encouraging every employee to be a great leader proves your company’s excellent leadership and management. Never lose your employees without even trying to offer them the best. See one of my articles on “What makes a Great leader” to understand better.

2. Improper level of detailed Communication

It’s not rare to find complex employees in a company among the many. Meaning, you may find certain specific characters who either share too much news or keep mum. Now that is disappointing as well as aggravating. Situations may include updating the manager about a project from A to Z where only D to T was important. Or when the manager was updated only from A to F instead of D to T.


This might be the case of improper communication skills or a lack of overall soft skills. One of the best strategic business plans is to educate these employees with detailed preferences and briefings about the whole picture.

Several companies also indulge the efficient work of certified business coaches in giving employees the right soft skill training.

3. Senior employees bullying junior employees

Due to the presence of cultural diversity and maintaining the organizational well-being management in your company, there are harsh and severe challenges growing every day. People possess ego and competitiveness. For that reason, every time a new employee joins your firm, he becomes a target at least once in their journey with you. A monster.com survey of 2019 showed nearly 94% out of 2081 employees suffering from workplace bullying, which is also considered an increase of 19% in the last eleven years.

Solution -

This major drawback in your company may lose you your efficient and skilled employees and your career. It is an ultimate serious concern that should be looked upon. Customer retention isn’t an outcome of this issue. Therefore, try keeping friendly discussions, activities, projects among those who don’t keep up among themselves, positive and encouraging chats, and many more. This is where you get to show your excellent leadership skills for improving organizational management of your workplace.

4. Gossiping around the office

Gossiping is like an addiction. Though female employees on an average scale are considered real gossipers, it is not rare that males can also involve themselves in it. Therefore, it creates confusion, lack of proper attention in work, lack of confidence in employees fearing others gossiping about them at their back. This, in turn, aggravates employees at some point, and loss of interest starts taking over. Having these concerns, you might again be pulled down due to negative feedback from outsiders and critics.

Solution -

It is an utterly unprofessional attitude for those who consider themselves corporate workers. The real corporate world follows ‘The Three Monkey’ Rules — see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil. Hence, like an efficient business owner, you must set strict company rules and policies with ultimatums. It should be clear to the employees about stringent measures right in the recruitment process itself. Being lenient is good, but feeding upon your leniency is an intolerable act.

5. Hiding bad news or useless matters that might be useful to you

Often employees are scared of unfolding the truths about certain matters to the managers due to their strictness or firmness. It demotivates you and the employees as well. Hiding real or useless things hides important dots that sometimes connect to your organization’s improvised business strategic plan.

Solution -

Firstly, try to create a friendly and positive environment in your workplace. The Strict behavior of the managers is necessary for the completion of work on time, but you need to make sure the strictness doesn’t meddle in employee engagement. Strict managers or leaders should welcome employees and encourage them to have open conversations. It helps to understand their problems and anything that lacks the organizational performance management of your company, thus helping build stronger strategies to work efficiently.


Employees are bound to make mistakes in workplaces, but it is the role of leaders to direct them to the right path and encourage them to be efficient in the good work. Teaching your employees with the right discussion preferences strengthens the opportunity for high performance and emerging as a strong leading organization in the market.

Expert Mind Solutions is one of the finest business management consultants available to provide management consulting and corporate training to increase efficiency and productivity in companies seeking advice to enhance their growth.



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