7 Hair Care Tips To Hide Bald Areas

Sushanta Das
4 min readJun 10, 2022


Everyone is concerned about their health, skin, or hair condition. It not only helps one boost their confidence but also helps one maintain the peace of their mind; after all, one needs to feel confident about the way they look or carry themselves when in a crowd. Problems related to hair have become a common issue among people of the younger generation. It will be wrong to say that this issue is faced by people of all age groups now, starting from teenagers to the middle-aged ones. It is a natural process of losing hair as you grow old, but just because it will happen eventually with your age doesn’t mean that you will accept it when you are in your 20s or 30s.


Hair loss issues are of different types. In other words, all of us have almost come across the phrase “Alopecia”. Now let us talk about androgenic alopecia. It is a hair loss condition which occurs due to the imbalance of the DHT hormone, which eventually leads an individual’s hair follicles to stop growing. In this type of condition, a person will also notice balding and thinning crowns, and receding hair lines. There are many treatments available worldwide that handle these situations both in men and women professionally, including alopecia treatment in concord, which is the best choice one can go for.

Other types of alopecia or hair loss problems may cause the loss of hair from all over your body, which involves hair loss from your eyelashes and eyebrows and even causes boldness in circular patches in your head.


  1. When we face hair loss issues, our main target remains confined to undoing that. And surely there are treatments or homely remedies to get out of this situation. As discussed earlier in this article that the imbalance of DHT hormones causes the blocking of hair follicles which stops hair growth. In this case, taking finasteride regularly will help you eradicate DHT levels by almost 70 percent. This is enough to reduce the baldness pattern among males — topical products like finasteride help deal with this situation to a great extent.
  2. Another option which you can try is changing your hairstyles. It is the easiest way to hide your bald areas. Sometimes the treatments we go through or the medicines we take might result in some other way standing opposite to our expectations. In that matter changing or hairstyles by talking with your barber will help you a lot. Go for such haircuts which will perfectly match your look and at the same time will be fancy enough to make the volume of hair look thick. Using a blow drier after a shower even helps as it makes your hair look fluffy and, at the same time, even gives your hair a lift.
  3. These were some easy methods to opt for. Still, at the same time, if you find content or are wise enough to take the recommendation of an expert, then you should go for the Best Non Surgical Hair Replacement in California. They have mastered this field to help individuals regrow hair if they face complete baldness or even hair loss in patches. JUST HAIR CLINIC goes into the depth and studies the medical history of a patient and then recommends or proceeds with their treatment.
  4. Using a topical concealer is also a smart approach to hiding your baldness. It is a camouflaging product which is a cosmetic way to conceal your baldness without growing hair. This is a keratin-based product which comes in a shaking jar, so when sprayed, it increases density when applied to the bald spots of the hair. Apart from this, there are tinted lotions of alopecia, which help appear the thickness of hair density and make it look as if it has a huge density. Like any other body lotion, you need to apply it to your scalp to show that disguised look.
  5. It is difficult to face hair loss issues as it brings your confidence level to saturation. There might be phases when nothing seems to work for you; no treatments, no medicines, nothing at all. So for that, the best suggestion you can take from one is to embrace your baldness. Having the growth of hair in patches looks unattractive, so in that case, you can get a cleanly shaved scalp. Now it is one of the trending looks, and many celebrity icons have also set this trend on fire from whom you can set as an inspirational or motivational figure.
  6. Another way is to go for wigs. Even hair extensions are also a good choice if you notice split ends at your hair ends, then the addition of a hair extension will surely add a fancy look to you. Bandanas, turbans, and hats are some of the accessories which will help you to hide your bald spots when you need a less time-consuming option.
  7. The way you get tattoos on any part of your body in that similar way, you can go for permanent pigmentation over your scalp. If you notice mild hair loss problems and the bald spot in your crown is more than to hide, you can fill in color in the areas you see the thinning of hair lines.


The reason for writing the article is to educate you about the causes of hair loss problems and make you aware of how to deal with them without getting into the zone of despair. All over the world, there are many hair clinics or centres that would help you tackle hair loss problems. Along with that, simple remedies which have the natural active ingredients in them will also help you.



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