All you need to know about yellow diamond

Diamonds from ancient times have been the most commonly used gemstone for various purposes. Ring Designs made up of crystal clear white diamond looks striking. But to the astonishment of nature, it is amazing to find multiple colored diamonds apart from the white one, which is mostly found in abundance. So this article will explore the yellow diamond in particular, like how it can be used, how it is found, how it is different from the traditional white diamond, etc.


Apart from the white diamond, yellow diamonds or any other colored diamonds look tempting to get used for various occasions. Even the designs of custom engagement rings look great.

The color variations of diamonds are vast; even the yellow tine of the colored diamonds comes in shades that vary from light to deeper. The vibrant color of the yellow diamond makes it more alluring to the eyes, and when added to any piece of jewelry, it adds a different spark to the jewelry one is wearing. The color of diamonds is always on a scale between D to Z. Even a geologist needs to be highly trained and should be an expert to grade the diamonds in a proper manner.

The cuts and facets of diamonds define the spark of it. Due to this reason, yellow diamonds are mostly found in non-round cuts as they glow up with their vibrant yellowish color when cut in other cuts like marquise, pear, and heart shapes. In another way, it can be said that to find a yellow diamond in round cuts is a pretty hard task. Generally, they are not cut roundly as somewhere it dulls the actual vibrant yellow spark of it. Yellow diamonds come in different shades, from light to deeper ones. But the deep yellow colored diamonds are mostly the favorite of the purchasers. Before the idea of lab-grown diamonds was initiated, diamonds were rare to be found in other colors; rather, their availability was quite rare.

The formation of the yellow diamond is also very interesting. Some gorgeous colorful diamonds start with a yellow color and are irradiated to change the color. Most naturally mined diamonds are brought into the lab and then made perfect. Yellow diamonds are mostly preferred for their natural warmth and are created through high nitrogen levels; as stated earlier in this article, yellow diamonds are available in other shades, like brown, orange, and even green tints. These variations of colors in the yellow diamond make it look more eye-catching and enhances the quality of the stone to a certain extent. These are naturally fancy colored diamonds. It is very rare to find natural yellow-colored diamonds. Still, it is even a fact that the users have noticed that with time even a white crystal clear diamond changes its shade to the yellow color, or sometimes man even enhances the yellow color of the stone to get a vibrant hue.

The yellow diamonds also have different categories. Generally, a particular piece of the yellow diamond will fall into one of the six categories in which it is available. The six categories of yellow diamonds are fancy light yellow diamond, fancy yellow diamond, fancy dark yellow diamond, fancy deep yellow diamond, fancy intense yellow diamond, and the last one is the canary diamond, also known as the fancy vivid yellow diamond. Yellow diamonds are generally very expensive as it holds a vibrant yellow color. Still, if one is more fascinated with the yellow shade of the stone and has a low budget, then the fancy light yellow diamond is a great option as it will have the yellow color scale and, at the same time, will be very much on the yellow color scale.

Similarly, as we further experimented with the color of the diamonds, there will be a change in their price, demand, and even the rating scale. But the fancy vivid graded yellow diamond or the canary diamonds are considered the most expensive diamonds among all the color scales of diamonds. The cost price of the canary diamond tends to be the most expensive one. Depending on the intensity of the diamond’s coloring, size, and grade, yellow diamonds can be a costly and cost-effective rarity gift.


The diamonds are now popularly grown in the labs. Sometimes they are processed based on their demand in the market. The deep color of the yellow diamonds is made in the lab by increasing their nitrogen level. Purchasers prefer the yellow diamonds that come with shades of orange, brown, or greenish tint as these variations in the color add to its elegance.



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