Birthstones by month: Uncommon facts you must know

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Birthstones by month: Uncommon facts you must know

Birthstones can be fascinating and nostalgic while serving as reminders of our birth months. For centuries, people have used birthstones for various meanings. Some believed them to be the source of inner peace and power. I’m sure those who follow the bible must have come across the book of Aaron that records the 12 gemstones decorating the breastplate of Aaron. These 12 gemstones were known to represent the 12 tribes of Israel.

Over time, people started associating the 12 gemstones with their zodiac. Then came the National Association of Jewelers that established a modern and new list of birthstones/gemstones that we know today. Several jewelry stores, diamond ring companies started crafting birthstone ring designs that took people’s interests.

The color of a stone is considered one of the important features of a ring or any jewelry. People wearing gemstones earlier thought would bring good luck, health, and protection.

Some people also redesigned wedding rings using birthstones. Today, many people follow the trend of birthstone ring designs either in gifts, wedding occasions, childbirths, etc. Do you know what might be your birthstone? If not, read this article until the end, understand your ideal birthstone, and get started with a beautiful bespoke birthstone ornament.

Birthstones by Month

#1: January — Garnet

Often you must have gotten confused between garnet and ruby. Both look beautiful with their blood-red color. But from an in-depth jewelry vision, garnets come in many colors, although the most common shade is red — a color that women love to wear and cherish. These common reddish silicate minerals can be found in the metamorphic rocks of every continent.

People believing astrology might also agree that garnets keep their wearers safe in any situation especially traveling. Therefore, people born in January and planning on a birthstone ring design can go for beautiful red garnets with smart cuts and ring bands and flaunt their beautiful fingers.

#2: February — Amethyst

Those born in February can plunge over amethyst which is meant to strengthen a relationship and offer courage. There was a time when only the royalty would wear this gem. A very beautiful colored version of quartz, this rich purple stone has captivated the hearts of many. Amethyst was quite an apple of the Greek eyes. They used to carve wine goblets of this stone and also thought them to guard against any intoxications.

#3: March — Aquamarine

Fascinating mythology about aquamarine birthstone is that it was thought to cure heart, liver, and some stomach diseases — all that one had to do was drink the water where the gem would be soaked into. Quite interesting, right?

My personal favorite, because of its cool blue color, spreads a feeling of peace and calmness like the sea. It sometimes also hints at a pale green color in its appearance. This stone was believed to protect sailors and protect its wearers from any enemies.

#4: April — Diamond

Now while others might not like this, but April-born individuals get to win diamonds as their birthstones. Although this is a stone that never distinguishes its wearers for its symbol of everlasting love and courage, yet when used in jewelry, this tone is priced for its sparkling degree. A diamond ring company would always ask you to consider the four Cs while buying a diamond ring: Cut, Colour, Clarity, and Carats.

According to Sanskrit literature, a diamond is called vajra, meaning lightning. Known as the invincible and hardest gemstone, these are formed deep within the Earth’s volcanic activity.

#5: May — Emerald

Depicting the growth and rebirth of spring, no wonder emerald was used as talismans against bad luck, poison, and even lust. According to the ancient world, Egypt was the largest producer of emeralds. The emerald was also known to be Cleopatra’s most favored gemstone. It was also believed that Romans dedicated this stone to the goddess of love and beauty, Venus.

With such an intriguing history, modern people think emeralds signify wisdom, growth, and patience.

#6: June — Pearl

Pearls were long known as the hardest tears of Aphrodite, regarded as the goddess of love. These stones are layers of calcium carbonate formed by mollusks such as oysters. There are two different varieties in pearls — a natural one, extracted by pearl divers in the wild, and other kinds which are bred and harvested. The former types are usually costlier than the latter ones.

Unlike other gemstones you’ve come across so far, pearls are the only ones that need no polishings or cuts to reveal their beauty in birthstone ring designs.

#7: July — Ruby

Rubies were regarded as the “king of gems” by the Hindu cultures. It was strongly believed to protect its wearers from any evil force. It draws the highest price of all other colored gemstones. With its red manifestation of the mineral corundum, the best rubies are mined in Myanmar, called Burmese rubies.

Rubies are known for their rich, red color hence a reason why often they are confused with garnets.

#8: August — Peridot

Like all other gemstones, some people believe that peridot drives away any negativity or and nightmares. Peridot is a yellow-green stone, and the darker the specimen is, the more valuable its price will be. Peridot is sometimes known as the “evening emerald” for the light green color.

#9: September — Sapphire

Sapphire was the most loved gemstone among priests and kings in ancient times, a stone symbolizing purity and wisdom. It was believed to guard against poisonous agents. This gemstone comes in different colors like pink, yellow, and green. The classic color of the sapphire gemstone is royal blue, usually preferred in many ring designs.

#10: October — Opal

Opal is a combination of silica and water. Primarily originating from Ethiopia or Australia, the rainbow colors of the mineral make them one of the important jewels in medieval times. This October birthstone symbolized faithfulness and confidence and was said to protect eyesight.

#11: November — Topaz

Yet again, another silicate mineral, topaz, other than taking just a clear golden color, may also take blue, which is quite rare. Blue topaz is very popular among enthusiasts. It is believed to offer strength and intellect to the wearers. One needs to be careful from scratches or even lights, as they tend to pale over time.

#12: December — Turquoise

Turquoise — A pure love charm! This gemstone is a symbol of good fortune and success. It is also believed to relax the mind and protect wearers from any harm. Jewelry stores often recommend turquoise birthstone ring designs for keeping away any evil spirits.

Last Few Lines

It can be overwhelming and believed to be energizing when you wear a birthstone ring. Sometimes, it’s the beauty, whereas sometimes, the ancient belief takes over people’s interest in creating birthstone ring designs.

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