Can a business survive without marketing?

The question is, what else if not marketing? How would you expect potential customers to know about your business without proving your presence? Yes, you might think about ‘Word of Mouth,’ which is indeed one of the most powerful marketing techniques — a much faster and simpler way to reach mass audiences. But how far can you rely upon this strategic business plan unless you have created a brand name?

Every second day there’s a new company set up with new innovative business ideas. Sometimes it’s also the same services that you are delivering to the world. So you can only guess the competition. But what’s awfully hurting is that those newer establishments are reaching their goals quicker than you.

And the answer’s simple. It’s all because of their smart moves and smart marketing strategies that led them to overpass you. For decades now, marketing has helped businesses in authentic brand promotion and reaching out to potential customers. It has roots to penetrate the minds of people, which we call ‘Brand Awareness.’

What are the effective marketing strategies to overpass competitors?

Before we list down the practical points of marketing advantages, have a look at some helpful marketing techniques implemented by famous successful brands like Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Toyota, Coca-cola, etc.

These business-level strategies have been quite effective in creating brand awareness; hence when in need of any service, these brands are the first ones to pop into the minds of their respective audiences.

1. Social Media

That’s where it all starts. ‘SOCIAL MEDIA’ to improve organizational performance management. Sounds strange? But it’s not. Social media is the largest hub for gaining potential audiences and customers. One of the most powerful marketing strategies — social media is a platform that can’t be ignored.

It can be considered the most authentic and organic gateway to increase customer engagement and online brand reputation. On Facebook, you can post your thoughts, promote your brand, promote your products or services.

With social media in use, many small unknown businesses gained recognition and rose to an appreciable position. You can also directly contact businesses or customers looking for services like yours. They will further deliver your message to more of their friends. So now you can see how effectively ‘word of mouth’ can work through social media.

Few of the effective platforms to get started immediately are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

2. Search Engine Optimization

We all know what SEO is. And we also know how powerful it can be in improving organizational performance management of your company. But some people are still not sure if they should invest their time and money in SEO. Of course, SEO can be frightening, but it can be as rewarding as reaching the sky.

You need to take complete care and attention to keywords and their rules. You can also hire a professional to help your website and every other page rank with enriched content for better results.

SEO helps connect audiences organically. It might be time-consuming and test your limits, but the profits never get low once you get your hands on it. It can be related to the same scenario when you started your business.

3. Referral/Affiliate programs

Well, affiliate marketing or referral marketing is unclear to many people out there. Affiliate marketing can be the fuel that ignites your business growth. For that, you need to find the right partners.

Affiliates are someone who can help you get your word out. Though it’s a game of persistence, grit, emotional drawbacks, yet you won’t know when you don’t start. The game is all yours when you build an effective affiliate program and reach out to potential affiliates who will assist you in your promotion.

4. Email Marketing / Messaging

A good sales funnel includes email marketing or messaging potential customers. It comprises automated messages sent to users once they take a view or subscribe to your website or register as a visitor. Emails are no doubt more effective than messaging, but there’s no doubt that both of these strategies work productively and build a relationship between your business and the user.

With these emails sent, you can analyze the responses and clicks per device. Every time users click on a link you sent, it means that the receiver has shown some interest and is ready to be approached using the next step.

With their actions, you can identify your buyers and their interests. This also ensures that you have a record of their likes and dislikes with which you can understand which service of yours is effective and what parts need improvements. This will lead to enhanced selling of your services throughout the market.

5. Facebook Ads

Facebook is an app that lets you connect with people worldwide. You can also decide your audience whom you would want to target. You can target your audience on various factors such as interest, age, demographics, etc., with the help of Facebook ads.

If you are running a business, it’s common for you to have a Facebook page. With Facebook’s business platform, leaders and companies have a one-stop solution for all their marketing and advertising needs.

Therefore, it’s time you get Facebook Pixel installed on your site. The pixel tracks every visitor who comes to your site. For example, if you are posting content related to your business and the content is in the form of a video, every visitor who visits your content or clicks through your video, the Facebook pixel will track the viewers and re-target them to sell your service.

What happens if you don’t start marketing?

Several agencies, such as the Expert Mind Solutions, are one of those consultancies that provide business skills training courses alongside consultancy to aspirants and professionals. It aims to provide businesses with the right set of skills and knowledge for running a company.

They also comprise highly skilled professionals who explain fundamentals, such as the topic of this article. With their effective marketing strategies and skills, you are sure to get the best consultancy for your firms.

So, back to the topic of what are some negative impacts for your business if not implement marketing into one of your strategic business plans.

1. Zero Customers — Zero Sales — Zero Reputation

When you aren’t marketing, you aren’t building customers. When you don’t have customers, you don’t get profits or sales. And when you don’t have sales, your business will soon face the dust. So with everything interlinked, you definitely can’t run away without marketing your business.

By the time you start creating awareness, you will reach numerous potential clients who would do the honor of ‘word of mouth,’ increasing your sales and profits.

2. Competitors taking advantage of your absence

It’s simply happening with or without you. Fact is, your potential customers are seeking and talking about your services, but if you aren’t there on the scene to assist them, your competitors will snatch the throne and be the king.

You are the voice of your business, and social media presence is the gateway. You now have the choice to either let it be or start marketing your brand value to improve your company’s organizational performance management.

3. No feedbacks — Lack of improvisations

When you have no customers, you have no sales. And when you have no sales, you get zero feedback. Is it even viable to run a business without feedbacks? The answer is sound and clear.

Again, it proves how essential it is for businesses to implement and strategize marketing techniques to increase their sales, amplify customers, and in return, review feedback.

Doing this won’t just help businesses enhance their strategic business plans but also help create innovative business ideas.

The Bottom Line

All your best sales tactics will fail if you aren’t promoting your brand in an authentic way which is marketing. Marketing is a kind of promotion that needs to be implemented and used all the time, even when your business ages old.

It is the only way to make people envision the value your service provides. Businesses who ignore this powerful tool will be choked down by their competitors who have leveraged every bit of effective marketing strategies.

As mentioned earlier, EMS Global (Expert Mind Solutions) is yet again the most looked after organization by aspirants to learn effective marketing strategies. Their years of experience in delivering effective business skills training courses guided leaders and professionals to develop ideas that helped enhance the well-being management of their companies.



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