Can you travel after Hair Transplant?

Can you travel after Hair Transplant?

Hair Transplants are some latest craze for some people suffering from great hair loss or untimely hair falls. But what is the scenario after hair transplantation? Can we travel immediately to faraway places? What about the swelling in the scalp and other after-effects of hair transplants?

However, there are some important points to consider when you plan for a holiday. When seen, it is not recommended to travel faraway places, but with careful precautions and ultra safety, the most a person can do is to fly. Yes, that’s right. There are not many restrictions on any kind of travel, be it plane, train, sip, or automobiles. But we won’t completely deny the fact that it’s dangerous.

Interestingly, even after leaving the treatment chamber, you are still a patient, carrying danger on your scalp. For example, you are not allowed to walk faraway places or distances that could cause sweating. Or possible chances of getting your head hit by any particular object. There might also be a case where you might get exposed to sunlight, air, or even rainfall.

Therefore, it is quite understandable why hair clinics do not often recommend transportation after hair transplants. Usually, it is recommended to travel after seven days of air transplant. This is because, by that time, the swelling reduces to an extent.

What is a Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant is a process that involves relocating hairs from the hands or legs or even around the scalp to an area where there is less hair. The two main technologies used to complete or achieve this surgery are FUE or FUT hair transplant surgery.

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Your health is also related to hair transplantation. Therefore, some of the important points need to be noted after your surgery.

1. Not Flying right after your Hair Transplant

Planning for a holiday trip or returning to your native place after getting your hair transplanted can be a dangerous decision for you and your surgery. Especially if you have an after-surgery swelling which is common in the scalps and flying right after, the cabin pressure of the flight may lead to a much worse swell. This would slowly result in the swelling of the forehead proceeding to the eye zone, making it difficult for you to open your eyes or travel.

Hence it is better to move out of your shell after seven days.

2. Not exposing your scalp to direct sunlight

Unfortunately, you would have to drop the plan if you are planning a trip to a beach for a nice and exotic sunbathe right after a hair transplant surgery. While the healing process is still underway, not exposing your newly implanted grafts to direct sunlight is mandatory. You will also notice the swollen red area getting worse due to sunlight.

These strong UV rays tend to damage the newly implanted follicles upon exposure. Hence, it is recommended to wear caps while moving out of your house in the first two weeks after your surgery, depending upon the swelling or redness.

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3. Passing over swimming pools or seas

Who doesn’t love swimming? And more so, spending hours in the sea enjoying the waves and the sun — an overall blissful holiday! But guess what? If you have done a hair transplant surgery, you need to bid farewell to this holiday plan. Whether swimming pools or seawater, the chemicals from the pool or dirt from the seas tend to cause infection to your hair.

Therefore, it is quite inadvisable to even think about swimming or indulging in any water activities at least two weeks following the surgery. Even so, if you believe the scalp needs more rest, you can extend this period from two weeks to four weeks.

Do’s and Don’ts of Hair Transplantation

Now that you’ve known the hazards of planning trips after immediate hair transplantation, why don’t we consider a few more points for what needs to be followed and what needs to be ignored after the surgery?

Do’s after hair transplantation:

· Keep someone to drive you home or transport you to nearby places after the surgery. Although it doesn’t require any sedation, even if you’re given one, it’s inadvisable to drive alone.

· Your head should be elevated during the first seven days of your surgery. The days might also depend upon how long your swelling stays. Few patients have reported it to last only a few days.

· Get advised by professional nurses and surgeons about the right medications and precautions.

· Wash your hair gently from the first five days. Do not scrub too much or blast hot water directly on your scalp.

Don’ts after hair transplantation:

· Don’t even think of sleeping flat on your tummy or sideways. Rubbing your new hair on the pillow can be dangerous as it too may cause infections.

· Avoid touching your implantation areas with anything — no hot water and not even ice, no matter how swollen it is.

· Never even think of scratching your scalp during any itchiness, as it is a common phenomenon in the first few days after surgery.

· Don’t let your scalp form any scabs. Wear caps or hats, especially in the first three days, as it takes three days for scabs to solidify. Engaging in heavy exercises or exposing your scalp to direct sunlight may lead to more critical damage.


With these considerations highlighted, it is now your role and responsibility to maintain the preventive measures and value the money spent after this surgery. Also, it is always recommended to get your hair transplant done from professional hair clinics such as Just Hair Clinic in Walnut Creek.

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