Causes of Hair Loss

Pay attention to your Gradual Hair Loss

Are you facing an unexpected hair loss or baldness? Well, that’s pretty stressful. Not just because it doesn’t go well with your beautiful persona but also makes you feel uncomfortable and conscious every time. Any home remedies, medication, or prevention methods can take more than expected to achieve the desired results. That hairless skull patch makes you feel that you are being noticed by everyone and everywhere. But thanks to the painless, scar-less non-surgical hair replacement service in California that will shock you with its results.

Be ready for that transformational hairstyle

Your hairstyle adds an extra flavour to the looks that compliment you. But sudden hair loss ruins that fierce desire of yours. Let us see some of the causes of hair loss that might be surprising for you:-

1. Genetic or hereditary factor — It’s one of the most common factors when hair loss is subjected. Your baldness might be a carry forward genetic information from your parents or any other ancestors of yours. After puberty, both male and female can undergo such hair loss. Being the best non-surgical hair replacement in California, is quite easier for us to replace baldness with smooth hair.

2. Childbirth — At certain times, hair loss due to childbirth is not the actual hair loss. Such a gradual increase in the hair fall is due to a drastic fall of estrogen level in the body, and when supplemented well with proper solids and medication, the natural hair growth can be regained back. But we have also served such moms whose natural hair growth was a tough challenge for the post childbirth period. We invite such beautiful moms to our hair clinic in East Bay Area to regain their natural look again through effective hair treatments.

3. Over Stress — You might wonder how stress can be the cause of hair loss? Well, due to extreme stress, the hair follicles do get badly affected and can be pushed off to a permanent resting phase when living a stressful lifestyle, causing an increase in hair fall when combed randomly. Such hair loss can result in a huge hairless patch in the scalp rapidly due to the absence of active hair follicles. To get rid of such hair loss embarrassment, do visit our hair clinic in Walnut Creek for steam therapy through which active follicles can be regained.

4. Thyroid — Thyroid disorders cause hormonal imbalance in the person that severely affects hair growth. These are of two types, namely Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism. Both of them cause similar hair loss. Instead of patched hair fall, the entire scalp undergoes uniform sparse hair removal. The Hair replacement service in California is a boon to such unfortunate hair loss.

5. Surgery — Any surgery puts huge stress mentally and physically. As a result, the hair follicles also rest themselves and are pushed down to a state of rest while the entire body is healing. Such a condition causes slow growth of hairs and thus takes time to be at a natural phase of development. Also, tremendous medications such as high antibiotics have a side effect that ultimately results in a rapid increase in hair loss. Do not worry, our hair replacement service is amongst the best non-surgical hair replacement in California that created amazement for such hair loss.

6. Chemotherapy — This deadliest factor for hair loss is the most challenging amongst all other factors mentioned above. The drugs infused in chemotherapy obstruct the fast pace growth of the cancerous cells. As a result, all the body cells, including the hair follicles, face the consequence of such infused drugs. Our hair clinic in East Bay area is ready to serve you the best service in hair replacement you deserve. Your battle to win over cancer will never let you down post-chemo. We have got your back!.

7. Menopause — Menopause happens out of age factor in females. When the estrogen and progesterone level lower in the body the rapid hair loss takes place. The probability of getting rid of menopausal hair loss is very low. Therefore just for any other cause, you may rely on us for your menopausal hair loss as well. Our hair clinic in East Bay area is the solution for your hair fall. Do count on us.

Maintainable and affordable hair restoration

Even if you are not aware of the cause of your hair loss, you are already moving forward with the solution. Our hair Clinic in Walnut Creek is the answer to your hair replacement queries, such as is it skin safe? Washable? Maintainable or style-friendly?

Yes! You have got them all. Your new hair will be super comfortable in your scalp, it’s rash-free. The replacement procedure is scar less, and you can shampoo your hair post replacement. This is amongst the best non-surgical hair replacement in California.

Restored hairs will appear as natural as you wish it should be. You’ll fall for your smooth hair and will be glad to choose us. Best services, along with awesome affordability, is the deadliest combo. Isn’t it? You can get your dream look at super affordable prices that won’t pinch your wallet at all.

At just hair clinic you get your solution.

When the choice is to make between better and the best, then always go for the best. We at Just Hair Clinic strive for the best hair replacement service in California. Well, do not believe until a reality check! Our doors are wide open to serve you and win your trust in us. We urge for customer satisfaction and extend the list of happy customers. Do count on us and for all your hair replacement problems. We are certainly just a call away to fetch your attention to the best non-surgical hair replacement in California. We bet you’ll never regret that choice of yours.



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