Cheapest country in the world to buy diamonds

Sushanta Das
3 min readAug 13, 2022

From very earlier times, diamond has always been one of the precious gemstones that have been high in demand. Not only diamonds but stones like ruby, sapphires, emeralds, and other colored diamonds are quite top-notch as it takes quite a long period for any gemstone to form in its original natural way.

But the saddest part is when these gemstones, especially diamonds, are not readily available at an affordable price — the reasons for diamonds being so expensive to have certain other related factors. However, there are still some places around the world that definitely serve the best quality diamond at the cheapest rates compared to other areas worldwide. In this article, there will be an exploration of the places where diamonds are available at low prices.


All over the world, India is deemed to be the region where diamonds are found at cheaper rates. This certainly has many other reasons as well. Ring Designs are made of diamonds which might be absolutely crystal clear ones. At the same time, the colored ones are available in India at lower rates due to two major reasons, the first reason is due to the importation taxes, and the second reason stands because of the retail mark-ups. The raw diamonds that are being cultivated and mined are always being sold to the neighboring countries for their further processions. Countries like Russia, Australia, Zimbabwe, and others are where diamonds are mined and cultivated in their natural process. Then they are sold to neighboring countries where the remaining procedure of cutting and shaping the diamonds takes place. Ultimately, the trading companies that deal with them like Thailand, Belgium, China, India, and Dubai are the regions that are well known for their diamond trading companies.

Now digging into the fact that why India, in particular, is a place where diamonds can be bought at lower prices is because as a basic rule of the importation of products, it is quite well known that more a good gets transported from one place to the other the more of monetary value gets added to the good therefore as India is the place where the diamonds are being sold in raw forms just after they are mined consequently it is best to purchase it from here itself at an affordable price. After all, they are initially being cut, polished, and traded here only. The purchase of a personalized diamond ring will surely be easy to design here and buy within the budget of one.

And according the second detailed reason for India to be available with diamonds at cheaper rates is because of its lower retail mark-up price to diamonds when being brought in the same platform of comparisons. At the primary stage, this lower pricing of diamonds is brought forth by the diamond industry in this country, surpassing that of Belgium’s Antwerp, which is the Diamond Capital of Europe.

The purchase of diamonds is a lifetime possession as diamonds represent love, purity, and faithfulness, which are tested through time. Whether the purchase of a diamond will be worth it or not might be a big question that might strike one’s mind. So the answer is definitely yes, but all that needs to be done is that one should be well equipped with extensive research on the identification and not only rely on the authenticity of diamonds but also their quality. Only after thorough research about the certification of the diamond that one purchase the investment of money should be made.


Now when we are talking about India being one of the places where diamonds are available at cheaper rates, it should also be kept in concern that before buying a piece of diamond, a proper study regarding its quality, certification, and durability should be checked as the sparky stones are available in same forms as well and one can be easily fooled with other gemstones like moissanite and all that resembles a diamond. Other places like United Arab Emirates, Belgium, and the Netherlands are among the top choices that are ranked for their high standards of diamonds in terms of their quality and authenticity and for standing out of the crowd as the cheapest country to get diamonds.