Difference Between Google Analytics & Search Console

Difference Between Google Analytics & Search Console

Marketing analysis is one of the key pillars of digital marketing. There are at present a number of tools and keys to assist in marketing analysis. But the tools are used for the purpose of marketing analysis namely- Google Analytics and Google Search Console may work in the same genre. But then there are slight differences in both, and both works and functions in a different way altogether.

The two tools are used to analyze and interpret the marketing trends and further analyze the performance of the respected site. But the ways the two work is different-

  • For Google Analytics the user will be provided data points with regard to the performance of the website or the webpage. For example-

· By whom is the site used

· The ways and means they are finding the site.

And provides detailed information on the following domains as well.

· The total number of footfall on the site

· The net amount of time the visitors are spending on the site.

· List of the other social media platforms from where the visitors are coming.

  • As far as Google Search Console is concerned, it further helps to optimize and improve the website. It mainly provides information on the following domains-

· Technical errors if any.

· Queries related to keywords

· Nature of the visit of the audience.

Furthermore, to understand the difference between Google Analytics and Google Search Console their functionality needs to be understood and comprehended.

  • There are approximately more than 10,000 metrics that are used by Google Analytics to assess and track the trends of digital marketing. Here is a shortlist of the best and the most frequently used metrics for further tracking-

1. Audience Demographics- This is a very detailed and descriptive analysis of the audience that is visiting the website. It segregates the audience on the basis of their gender, age, occupation, and other such parameters.

2. Landing Page Audience- This mechanism of Google Analytics further helps to transform the audience into potential leads.

3. Behavior of visitors- By the means of this provision, the creator is provided with a detailed insight on the fact on “what” the visiting do after they visit the website or the webpage.

4. Time spent- The algorithm of Google Analytics also keeps a track of the duration of the time that is spent by the visitors on the website. The page duration can only be increased after creating engaging content.

Other than this there are many more provisions such as Unique pageviews, Acquisition, Bounce rate, Social media tracking, email linking, and others that also help further in the process of Google Analytics.

  • The creator with the help of Google Search Console will be getting information related to SEO on the respective website directly from Google. Just a mere download and linking of it to the website will not help unless and until the proper methods are implemented.

1. Search Analytics- The report is directly created by Google Search Console and thereby provides a deep insight into the working mechanisms by providing information on- clicks, queries, click-through-rate (CTR), impressions, and positions.

2. Internal Links- This tool helps the user to get a clearer picture of the links that are within the same website. It helps the user to track the user and the performance of the links.

3. Mobile-Friendly- Ever since the advent of smartphones, the search mechanism has also adapted themselves and hence further demarcates the sites and pages that will have trouble loading on the mobile. This provision of the Google search console helps the page to have better accessibility.

Barring this, the algorithm of Google Search Console also further helps the creator by further providing information related to — top keyword queries, Index coverage reporting, links to sites, and others.

Thus, to conclude in the domain of marketing analysis. There are two main primary keys namely- Google Analytics and Google Search Console, but their working function is different. And emphasizes different parameters further to make the website more engaging and ensure that a constant number of viewers are attracted to the site and most importantly the website or the webpage expands and the main purpose is fulfilled.



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