DIY hair oils that can be made at home

From very ancient times, the first ingredient which has been used to provide nourishment to the hair has always been hair oils. Hair oils are mostly used for hair care or homely treatment as they carry the essence of natural active ingredients without any side effects. If one faces any hair loss or alopecia problem, the Hair loss Clinics even recommend using and applying various hair oils. So in this article, brief instructions will be given following which hair oils can be easily made at home.


  • It is well-known that the juice of the onion extract is highly beneficial for hair growth. With modernity striking the different sectors of the beauty and hair product industries, these onion oils are also available in the market. But rather than opting for those products, it is always better to make some effort and get it done at home. Onions are very high in sulphur content and help to stimulate hair growth and simultaneously help in solving various other hair-related problems. Along with onion, if one can combine lavender, the concoction it will make will be enriched with antibacterial and cleansing properties that would help in soothing the scalp infections, if any. And at the same time, it helps a lot in strengthening the hair roots to aid in the dense growth of hair, effectively reducing the chances of hair thinning.

This mixture of oil is also very easy if one aims to use them religiously. After extracting the juice of three onions, it has to be mixed with equal parts of lavender oil, and after making the mixture, massage it on the scalp for an hour before washing the hair and shampooing with a cleansing formula. Avoid using sulphate-content shampoos as it turns the hair rough and frizzy. One thing that has to be remembered is that onion has a pungent odour, so after the application of it, the hair needs to be properly washed.

  • Another effective way of boosting hair growth is the mixture of hibiscus flowers along with coconut oil. Hibiscus are enriched with Vitamin A, C and other nourishing nutrients so that they can be easily made home. After washing the petals of the hibiscus flower with cold water, dry them by placing them under the sun. Along with absorbing the water, the flower’s petals will be dried up, which needs to be heated later on low flame with coconut oil. After the oil is heated, cool them for an hour and then store them in a bottle to use later. The hair needs to be washed thoroughly using a mild shampoo after the oil is massaged properly in the scalp and hair and applied for a good amount of time. The mixture of hibiscus flower petals and coconut oil gives the hair a luminous shine, fights the problems of split ends and stimulates the hair growth for thick, silkier, darker and bouncier hair.
  • When the hair follicles are fed with good nutrients, blood flow to the scalp is also boosted. And to make the hair’s volume thicker and bouncier, peppermint oil can be brought easily into the picture. The usage of grapeseed oil as a carrier oil would help greatly improve the most critical phase of hair growth. The anagen phase of hair growth is the most crucial stage as it is the primary stage in the hair growth cycle. The use of peppermint oil along with grapeseed oil as a carrier oil increases blood flow to the scalp, thus helping strengthen the hair follicles. The right proportion of these oils should be made before use, like the peppermint oil should be mixed with the grapeseed carrier oil in the ratio of 1:4. Like any other hair oil, it has to be kept applied to the hair for a certain amount of time so that the scalp and the hair absorb all the essential nutrients of it and then get them rinsed off with a gentle shampoo afterwards.
  • Another mixture of all the necessary oil for hair growth is coconut oil, castor oil and almond oil. Generally, the consistency of the castor oil is very thick. Therefore, it is mixed with some other oil so that the latter can act as the carrier oil. These mixtures are also very effective or beneficial in ensuring an excellent hair growth boost.


The alopecia treatment in concord is very helpful in providing effective services and extra care to their clients as they are professionals who get into the depth of the medical condition of their clients and then proceed with the treatment. This article is to create awareness of how simple natural active ingredients can be used for making DIY hair oils at home.



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