Effective Ways For Healthy Hair During Winters

Effective Ways For Healthy Hair During Winters

Winters call for extra protection for hair. There are issues like dryness, dandruff, itchiness, dampness, and frizz during cold and dry environments. So What to do for restoration?

Do I need clinical help? Well, not necessarily!

Try to follow certain easy ways to protect your hair from dryness and then witness improvements. If you still find your hair malnourished, clinical support is an option. A hair clinic in Walnut Creek named Just Hair has extended its support to wonderful millennials searching for effective therapies during winters.

Now, let us explore a few easy ways that help in getting healthy, beautiful hair during the harshness of cold waves.


Many top-notch brands launched their hydration creams and masks that moisturize hair and retain its natural glow. Certain remedies help in exfoliating the follicles and rejuvenate their health. The scalp receives nourishment, and strands become strong with hair moisturizers. Scalp resembles all the skin qualities and thus gets dry, de-hydrates, and prone to fungal growth. The environment adds dampness to the scalp, which calls for immediate natural treatments that will help stimulate healthy long hair. One of the best ways to eradicate such dryness is to apply hair moisturizer creams at least twice a week. If extreme dryness occurs, repeat the application once more in a week.

Use Natural Dyes

We know you love coloring your hair with artificial pigments. It’s indeed fun to experiment with different shades and blends of colors. But, do you know, frequent coloring will let your hair lose its natural qualities and deepen the hair damage? It’s true. After all, artificial colors are nothing but chemical projections. The harshness of synthetic dyes has never caused benefits to hair but damaged it. So, what to do for coloring? Use natural dyes. There are two most commonly used dyes achieved from organic sources.

First; henna, and Second; Coffee.

Henna is applied by soaking its powder in lukewarm water. It’s better to use an iron utensil for soaking so that henna can mix up with iron contents. Leave the paste overnight and apply it in the morning. Leave the henna for 2–3 hours in the hair and dry. Wash your hair with cold water and oil it at night. Shampoo your hair the next day. Your hair will be copperish-black in color. Henna has rejuvenating qualities that cause hair to become stronger, healthier, and shinier.

Let us see how coffee has to contribute a brighter tint. Take 3–4 spoonfuls of coffee beans and powder them. Mix the powder with a half-cup of lukewarm water to obtain a semi-thick texture. Apply the paste in the hair and wash it after 2–3 hours. You’ll see you received a warmer-looking color. Natural dyes are restricted to offer only a few color variants like copperish, black, and beige. But, it helps retain hair’s natural qualities, making it denser, healthy, and frizz-free.

Trim your hair frequently

Long hair invites problems like split-ends, tangled strands, and hair loss. To get healthy, beautiful hair, you need to compromise a little bit with the length. Frequent trimming or shortening will allow manageable, de-tangled hair that will restrict the hair loss and make it split-end free.

Use Vitamin E rich Oil

Vitamin E is a gift from nature to us which is available in dry fruits. Oil extracted from walnuts, almonds, olives and many more are rich sources of vitamin E. It is mostly applied locally and can be eaten also. Chemists have vitamin E capsules designed for internal intake that helps in hair growth and retain its natural qualities.

Deep condition your Hair

One renowned hair clinic in Concord, named Just Hair, suggests deep hair conditioning during winters as in-depth conditioning will restore natural oil and other elements responsible for generating healthy, strong, and glossy hair.

Avoid heat exposure

During winters, our hair becomes more moist and delicate. Therefore, using heat stylers regularly may cause breakage and easily fall out of hair. Also, equipment such as dryers, straightening, and curling irons, removes the essential moisturizer from hair and makes it dry. Essential nutrients escape out while exposing your hair to heat. Thus, reduce heat stylers to the minimum and protect your hair from damages caused by them.

Around half a population in the world suffers through severe hair problems that call for clinical interventions. Popular medications like Minoxidil (Rogaine), finasteride, and spironolactone help hair grow with drug inducement. But till now, no solution for hair replacement has been obtained other than transplantation.

People who suffer from complete hair loss, baldness, or alopecia areata search for authentic transplantation and plugins. Just hair (mentioned above) has developed a world-class hair replacement service in California that has performed successful replacements over hundreds of clients.

They are also a popular and renowned hair clinic for alopecia treatment in Concord. The services are reliable and affordable for everyone who seeks ultimate hair care therapies, medication, consultations, and replacements.



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