Fields which you need to study in Aviation

The field of aviation is very vast and involves a lot of things that need to be learnt about. The emergence of aviation or the airline industry has benefited various aspects. It helps eradicate the cultural gap between people from different regions of the world and, simultaneously, even gives a vast scope of employment to aviation aspirants.

In order to make aviation more well-acquainted with people, there are many aviation training institute in kolkata like SFTS Edu and many other who lends a hand of help to the aspirants of the field of aviation. Now coming straight to the point, let us discuss the areas in which one needs to be quite knowledgeable if interested in aviation.


As stated earlier in the article, the aviation industry generates employment on a huge scale. So here will be a detailed study into the fields one can explore related to aviation.

  • Aerospace engineering is another domain in the airline industry that comes with many things to be known about and, at the same time, serves with other facilities and benefits as well. Aerospace engineers’ primary work is designing aircraft, spacecraft, missiles, and satellites. Additionally, they even look into the smooth functioning of the plane designed by them. They test the prototypes and even create them to ensure that the aircraft functions according to their design. The pay for aerospace engineers is even high, according to the reports in 2018; the median salary for the professionals related to this field received a pay scale of $115,220. Aerospace engineers are recruited for different sectors, which include the manufacturing of parts and products of the aerospace, engineering services, electromedical, control of the instruments that are to be manufactured, navigational, measuring, and research and development in the physical, life sciences and engineering.
  • It is a very well-known fact that safety measures are very important things to be taken in the field of aviation as not a single bit of chance can be taken to risk the lives of people boarding the flights. Therefore the Air Traffic Controller surely plays a major role in the aviation sector. Their main job is to coordinate the movement of the aircraft so that a safe distance can be maintained between them. As with the rise of different airline companies worldwide, there is an increasing number of aircraft in the sky, which makes the atmosphere very congested with aircraft. Therefore, the role of an Air Traffic Controller is way too much of a necessity. The average annual salary of an Air Traffic Controller is $124,540; this is quite a hefty collect like that of aerospace engineers. The job of an Air Traffic Controller is a highly stressed field and comes with high responsibilities and is a fast-paced job profile.
  • Another thing is aviation management. Aviation is a dynamic field that requires a wide range of knowledge related to its management; such a huge industry would fail to flourish if there was no proper maintenance. Therefore, adequate management of the well functioning of the industry or the administration of it should be looked after. Many factors are responsible for understanding the aviation industry nicely, including ecological requirements, new technology, and fierce competition; these factors have helped transform the airline industry. The aviation managers are highly responsible for understanding these fields related to the aviation sector. They navigate these changes across everything from aircraft manufacturing to the air traffic controller. The major skills that an aviation manager requires are both technical and management skills. The study of aviation management will educate one about the operation of airlines, aircraft manufacturers, airports, and even the trade and business related to the aerospace industry. Another thing that is a basic necessity in the field of aviation is well-acquaintance with the English Language. Along with many other institutions that teach English classes, SFTS Edu is also one of the reputed institutions that conduct spoken english course in kolkata. English is a language that is a basic knowledge to be known in the aviation sector.
  • Aviation safety is also a special subject that needs to be learnt about. Jet aeroplanes should always be under safety precautions; else, the business of the industry would not be in business for any long. According to the topmost aviation authority in aviation, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the careers related to aviation safety include aviation safety professionals supporting increasing aviation safety.


The job related to aviation comes with fun and adventures, and at the same time, it attracts a mass of people with the purpose of employment because it comes with great benefits and impressive credentials with high pay scales. Therefore, knowledge about every field in the aviation sector is required to know all its domains.



I am a blogger and like to write blogs.

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Sushanta Das

Sushanta Das

I am a blogger and like to write blogs.