Grooming sessions for becoming an air hostess

The aviation industry or the airline industry has a lot of options to provide an individual in the term of their career; the pilot, flight attendant, the first officer in a flight, the air hostess, and many more. We all know that in any industry you join, be it the aviation industry or the corporate sector, self-development in your personality, communication skills, and grooming is a must.

And the demand for well-groomed people in the cabin crew of the aviation industry is a must. The job profile of an air hostess has always been quite top-notch that even prevails now. But to get your way paved there, you must know the tricks and tips for upgrading yourself. So in this article, a few things regarding the grooming session to become an air hostess are discussed to make it easy for you to make a choice in your career path. SFTS is an air hostess training institute where you can try out your luck quite well.


It is quite a well-known fact that the job of an air hostess demands people who know to pull themselves up in every way, be it their dressing style, way of speaking, or method of keeping themselves well-maintained in the term of their health and fitness. Most national and international airline companies demand faces that are properly kempt and have a doll-like look. So this article will provide you with a bit of guidance. Now let us dig into the main dos for grooming an air hostess.

The basic thing you need to remember is that your makeup and dress sense should be carried in an elegant way which would be appealing at the same time for the passengers travelling on the flight. Let us start with the makeup you should put on; overall, your entire makeup should be very subtle and simple simultaneously (loud makeup bases are not at all appreciated). Do apply a light brown colour eyeshadow on your eyelid, do not enhance the pigmentation of it as we want to keep it simple. Then you need to feel your waterline with your favorite kohl and apply mascara to your lashes(remember to pick one which will not smudge and keep your curls looking perfect throughout the day).

For your lips, go for a nude shade like coral or warm pink-coloured lipstick, or even a blotted red colour will do. These colours do stay for a longer time and do not look that loud.

For hairs, always make a front puff and twist your hair into a bun or simply make a ponytail. Do use hair sprays to tame the fly aways.

The dress code for the air hostess interview is quite strict, and you will be noticed or observed right from head to toe. Wear a good quality georgette shirt as it will not crease as a minor crease in the shirt or the skirt you are wearing might increase the possibility of getting rejected from the interview. Do pair the georgette shirt with a formal dress, generally in the color black or grey, and do not forget to add a pair of black stockings to your outfit.

Your nails should be painted with a colour that will match your lips, and if you want, you can surely add some subtle nail works to them. Another thing is that the shoes you are wearing and the handbag you are carrying should be neutral. Preferably it will be suggested to wear nude or black pumps or wedges. Avoid going for heels; a maximum of 2–3 inch heel is enough.

The most vital thing you should remember is that you should look perfect throughout your interview or the fly period. Sometimes the discussions are for quite a long hours as they prefer to finish up all the rounds within a day.

So this was just a brief mention of how you should look, which would make you look presentable.

SFTS even conducts a spoken english course in kolkata, which is necessary if you are in the aviation industry. Communication skills do play a pivotal role in the aviation industry. As the job in the aviation industry involves travelling to different places around the world, you need to interact with people from different cultures and nations. In order to work effectively as an air hostess, you need to know to communicate well with the other crew members and the passengers. This includes being able to deliver the pieces of information timely and accurately to colleagues. And when necessary, be polite and humble while interacting with the passengers as people will not prefer to speak to someone who is rude and does not update them with proper pieces of information.


The things that should be kept in mind as an air hostess are that you should be of utmost dedication, follow professionalism and patience, and have a good physique. And always try to have an amiable and pleasant nature with the cabin crew members and the passengers. The utilization of the presence of mind and the capability to take the initiative should be the key attribution.




I am a blogger and like to write blogs.

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Sushanta Das

Sushanta Das

I am a blogger and like to write blogs.

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