How important is the Management of Innovation and Technology?

Sushanta Das
6 min readDec 16, 2021


How important is Management of Innovation and Technology?

Management of Innovation and Technology is crucial for you and your business. It is not a benefit that comes from implementing the word in your strategic business plans. You need to bring out a positive impact on people’s lives and your organization with that innovative idea.

For this innovative business idea to come to real effect, you must consider managing the processes towards a good idea innovation, formulation, implementation, followed by value addition. Technology innovation has brought more network-based structures enabling people to work remotely and efficiently. Data-based tasks such as data interpretation and analysis have taken a major leap in innovating AI-integrated features in data analytics tools.

Do you know the world’s most innovation-owned economy is Switzerland, Sweden, the United States of America, the Republic of Korea, and the United Kingdom as of the 2021 Global Innovation Index report?

Innovation and Technology Management — What is It?

Management of innovation in technology has been a major factor in organizational strategic planning to streamline workflow and business productivity. In an era where businesses are seeking to move forward and run their organizational performances more efficiently and productively, it is imperative to adopt and adapt innovation in organizational technologies.

Innovation management is a structured form to generate innovative ideas, capture interesting minds, discuss those ideas and shape them, inculcate proof results, and finally apply them. Often the old disposed ideas, once utilized, might come back to use as per market change.

Remember that innovation doesn’t have to do anything with brand-new fresh venture ideas. For example, you are a business owner and want to increase your customer acquisition where you are confident that your products and services are up to the mark. In that case, it is you and your strong team who needs to innovate and structure an efficient strategy that keeps the tendency to allow your business to reach new heights.

And for that, you must ensure thorough discussions with your teammates and come at a decisive stage where everyone complies with the chosen plan. It also ultimately saves your bucket by allowing you to invest only in parts where you need to innovate and not completely.

Technology Management

The basic purpose of technology management is to help convert inputs into outputs that benefit both the receivers and the makers. Therefore, the innovators must streamline their work to enhance their developmental structures greatly. Be it human resources or their IT structures, innovation in technology undoubtedly plays the real game.

It involves planning, evaluating, shaping, and controlling over investments in resources, thus serving a greater cause with more sustainability.

Importance of MIT (Management of Innovation in Technology)

Innovation doesn’t attract customers only but employees. Why do you think someone would work in your company when you still leverage technology 10 years old. For the highly competitive nature of the economy, even your workforce wants to be a part of innovative features — something that can help them grow themselves alongside your business.

Innovation is more than planning new products or launching a second brand. Many companies work hard on their employees. They ensure a full weekend to develop their creativity, emotional intelligence, and smartness that may bring efficiency to the whole workforce.

Wanna know how a company’s workforce can influence the whole organization? Trust me, knowing this strategy will lead your business to experience stronger organizational management and performance. Here’s an article that will take you to an in-depth yet simple understanding of the impact of an efficient team.

Innovation can be a great key to driving a pool of talents towards your business. When you provide numerous strategic gateways to encourage your employees, they become one of your reliable components for running your organization. Empowering your employees with a bigger opportunity and task will help you build brand trust and credibility. This will, in return, pace your competition among other businesses.

Here’s a small compilation of the importance of MIT that transforms dreams into reality:

· Managing innovations can prevent or reduce any existing problems dwelling in an organization.

· It undoubtedly increases business productivity and customer retention.

· Whether through employees or your innovative services, proper management can highlight your qualities.

· As an innovative business planner, it can help you stay ahead in market competition.

· All your success stories become a part of your foundational story, encouraging and motivating the whole workforce behind it.

Strategies One Can Implement for Establishing strong Management

Organizations need to be more flexible when managing innovations. Since it requires serious discussions, strong decisions, effective goals, and a clear vision, four important strategies can enlighten you when getting started. Before that, here are a few questions you need to keep in mind:

· How many new initiatives are being planned for each department?

· Who is planning it, and how are they proving it?

· How much investment is required to execute the innovative and strategic plan?

· How much will this innovation affect other projects?

Enhancing Valuable Conversation

One thing is for sure: maintaining a work culture in your organization will show its effect at this stage where you need to bring every employee together. Any decision planning requires transparency and clear conversation. For this, you can try inducting conferences and strategic meetings to let your employees voice out their opinions and creativity.

Analyze what’s better and might have a chance of working. There might be a few stir-ups initially, but group discussions are always encouraging and productive for their diversification.

84% of company executives consider innovation the main driver of their business expansion! (

Creating newness from Existing Products

The best way to prove your real innovation in technology is to invent new ideas for your recurring services. It can be anything from adding new elements to your beauty cream and engaging your audience in webinars. Ideas can never get short when you think of implementing them differently.

All you have to do is think creatively and differently, keeping in mind the competition and the market impact.

Providing Room for Thinking Innovatively

Most big companies who have established themselves as the new leaders of innovation are not famous for just their name and brand position or just innovation. What boosted their innovative ideas? Why could only they, among millions, pass the vitality test and reach the top?

Innovation and entrepreneurship is an amazing HRDF claimable training program many business leaders and aspirants availed. The course includes dealing with market change and adopting innovation. Therefore, companies make use of such valuable lessons to upskill their employees.

Moreover, they also have space for developing creativity as per their abilities. For example, allowing them to implement unique project ideas and testing their viability.

Rewarding Innovative Minds

Rewards and incentives provide recognition to those hard-working employees who have been scratching their heads to achieve innovation and bring glory to businesses. Not just that, it is a key factor in attracting more people into it. The more diverse the workplace, the more ideas pop out. And with more ideas come strong and unique innovation.

This is a contribution of every member in that team voicing out their opinions and choices. Contributing a badge or providing performance appraisals encourage other employees in their tasks.

It also builds trust, loyalty, positivity, and perseverance in the employees’ minds, thus giving enough reasons for surviving crises.

Real-Time Encouragement for managing Innovation in Technology

Google is considered to be the first-ever company to own innovation in its full length. Remember the time when Google founder Larry Page and Sergey Brin wrote in their IPO letter about their innovation strategy? “We support our employees to contribute 20% of their time to work on the innovation that will benefit the organization.”

Next on is the age-old brick-and-mortar DVD stores that once seemed to be a forever thing until the day when Netflix arrived. Netflix not only reinvented the delivery of such DVDs but also transformed the whole rental service into an online streaming service. And now the brand is a worldwide sensation for youths and older citizens.

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