How to Boost Employee Motivation and Encouragement?

How to Boost Employee Motivation and Encouragement?

“To understand the heart and mind of a person, look at not what he has already achieved, but at what he aspires to.” — Kahlil Gibran

|Did You Know: Teams that are highly engaged are reported to show 21% greater profits. Additionally, 87% of the employees want their bosses or managers to understand and empathize in balancing professional life and personal life commitments. (Source: Forbes)

Today, organizations understand and rely more upon their workforce engagement, motivation, and commitment. These three have proven to be significant factors in improving organizational performances of any business. Some organizations have already started their innovative research to engage their employees and motivate them. While on the other hand, we saw companies offering several extrinsic rewarding allowances to retain their employees.

When the topic runs over job satisfaction, no matter how effective a strategic business plan you might have build-up for your well-being management, all that matters at the end of the hustle is employee happiness and satisfaction.

Let’s call it this way with the help of an example — A prestigious business consultancy firm called EMS Global studied specific cases where organizations were seen degrading their employees’ mental peace indirectly. When analyzed thoroughly, its’ employees complained about the extra hours they’d put in, and the lack of feedback with a lot of complaints from their superiors made their lives harder.

It slowly limited their efficiency and started showing changes in the organizational performance management of the teams. When asked, few of them were continuing for salary but not engaged, whereas few were trying to cope with the situation to gain experience but not motivated.

This story is real but not unique. So here are some unique and valuable strategies you can execute for retaining employees and work towards improving organizational performances.

How to improve employee motivation and encourage them for better organizational performances?

If you are curious about your company’s well-being management you should also consider these factual strategies benefitting your employees before helping yourselves. So let’s get started.

1. Explain to them your vision and mission

You started your business with a solid vision, and that keeps you motivated. So why not explain your management teams the same? You need to let them connect to your company with a whole heart and clear transparency.

Just how business strategy planning needs the full consent of every managing team, similarly to get going with every organizational task, you need to bring their self consent by motivating them in their work.

2. Help them recognize their inner motivational source.

Whatever the reason is, an employee is always surrounded by his personal problems to some extent that pulls them back from giving their 100%. A happy and energized employee is always reflecting his mood in work and bringing profitable returns.

So it should be the role of the managers to help them understand and find their source of motivation, helping them regain their confidence and zeal alongside. Studies show that companies with happy employees outperform company’s organizational performances by 20%.

3. Know their strengths and assign them the proper role

“I like the work I am assigned at my workplace” — how many of your employees genuinely mean this? This statement shows how many of your employees enjoy their tasks and responsibilities and is notable in their works.

Situations may arise where employees are loyal to their work and committed but not satisfied with their roles. Hence maybe they can be analyzed based on their strengths and interests and reassigned to newer positions.

4. Give them the proper authority and much-needed care.

All the employees of any company want their bosses to provide the proper support and care. This can be achieved when you talk to them individually and understand them to realize what motivates them. The best way to understand business management is through consultancies that offer fundamentals of management training.

Another fact is when the employees are given the right decision-making power. They would be happy and confident when they can put in their views and opinions in developmental assignments. This will not only motivate them to commit to their works but also keep them engaged.

5. Act fairly, diminish office politics, and build authenticity

Many organizations nest a highly political environment which gets challenging, especially for the new joiners or someone who is still adapting to the corporate environment. Various company consulting services provide management training. These training programs also include case studies that show how employees left organizations in mass numbers due to in-office politics.

Cases such as managers squeezing out the hard work from their employees and naming it under their designation (pretty much similar to stealing one’s ideas), manipulation, trickery to maintain self status and innocence, etc. lead to the criticism of its organizational performance management as well as the downfall of the brand name.

So, your motive should be to motivate employees with proper compensation, rewards, allowances, perks, and benefits they deserve. Foster authenticity and build trust without faking it. And you would see how their motivation helps in improving organizational performances.

6. Giving them the proper training

Various consultancy firms providing company consulting services always detail how important and innovative it is to train your employees. It is one of the integral business-level strategies for employee retention.

To remove any obstacles, it is significant to train employees and remove any obsolete blockages leading to productivity losses. These efforts motivate and engage employees and add confidence and a sense of security in their minds.

7. Conducting surveys through exit interviews

You can’t stop those who have made their mind already. At least you tried, and that matters. The last thing to analyze is what went wrong, and that can be done with a small initiative to conduct exit interviews with the outgoing employees.

This interview would aid the points your organization lack. Either the HR or a higher communication personal can be the interviewer with whom the employees can share everything. And you could use these issues to enhance organizational well-being management.

Key Takeaways

These were some of the prioritizing principles that the business management team should maintain.

· These are some factual corporate-level strategies to refine employee-manager relationships in the office. With better understanding, employees feel safe and secured to commit to their works.

· When there’s employee engagement, there is positivity spread all around the office environment. This enables a healthy workforce with constructive ideas generating every stage. It boosts the competition among employees to prove their best with a healthy mindset.

· 69% of employees want to be appreciated by their managers for more dedication in their works and productivity.

Businesses or leaders can now understand the critical and urgent need to understand their employees. It would benefit not only the whole team but also the whole organizational management.

Expert Mind Solutions is yet again one such management training organization providing rich experiences and insights on employee retention and business management. Several leading organizations and aspirants find themselves attached to their consulting services because of their innovative business ideas and business strategy planning fundamentals.

Lastly, make sure you are helping your employees develop their talents and provide ample opportunities to motivate them and engage them for productive works and careers.



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