How to define healthy hair?

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The definition of “Healthy Hair” varies based on age, gender, and body metabolism. There is no specific identity to perfect hair. The only way hair can be stated healthy is by its hair fall status.

Hair fall indicates multiple things a human body is going through. If all systems function properly, then hair growth becomes rapid, and if not, the momentum of hair fall increases.

Therefore, expeditious hair growth is the key to knowing whether the hair is healthy or not.

Let us understand various ways healthy hair is achieved:-

Home Remedies

There are great home remedies that help resist hair fall. Some of them are -

  • Applying egg

Eggs are the natural softener that makes the hair smooth, shiny, and untangled. It works best when the hair is frizzy and crisp out of extreme dryness. Hair dryness means the absence of moisture and nutrients that feed the follicles and make the hair strong. Therefore, the application of eggs twice a week can heal the damage caused to hair.

  • Applying hair mask

Hair masks are one of the most effective ways to resist hair fall. Different masks are available for various hair issues like dandruff, hair fall, thinning, dryness, and slow growth. The most common hair mask used to treat all sorts of hair issues is the onion mask. Its application is easy and boosts the strength of the hair. The growth speeds up and controls the fair fall.

  • Eating protein-rich foods

One of the reasons why hair suffers dullness and falls out of hair is the absence of protein in the body that forms the keratin coating in the hair’s outer layer. Keratin is responsible for strengthening hair and protecting it from damages. Foods like fish, eggs, soy, milk, and chicken are rich protein sources that guarantee healthy metabolism resulting in healthy hair.

  • Applying natural dyes

Problems like premature greying, dandruff flakes, dryness, and itchiness arise because of harsh chemicals — treatment when undergoing coloring, bleaching, or artificial pigmentation. Chemicals remove natural pigments by depositing them in the cuticles and withdrawing natural nutrients that escape out easily. Natural dyes like henna, coffee, and tea leaves provide organic color in cuticles that prevent hair from premature growth, hair fall, and dryness.

Now let us understand what hold you back from getting healthy hair:-

  • Harsh chemical treatment
  • Heat exposure
  • Excessive use of curling and straightening irons and other hair styling equipment.
  • Strong medication
  • Irregular food habits and junk intake
  • Combing wet and oily hairs aggressively
  • Not taking measures to protect the hair from fall.
  • Not taking clinical advice, therapies, and treatments when the condition is not in control.

Home remedies don’t need to do miracles overnight when you need a therapist to cure the unhealthiness of the hair. It is observed that most people commit the same mistake that holds them back from achieving desirable and healthy hair.

Ask yourself! Will your hair cure-all of a sudden using certain remedies, or is it a call for expert intervention?

If the answer is yes, then contact Just hairs, a hair clinic in Walnut Creek that came up with a complete hair fall solution and ill hair package that deals with all sorts of issues concerning hair.

Be it dandruff, dry scalp, postpartum hair loss, and many more. Just hair has got your back. The firm has another hair clinic in Concord that is famous for the alopecia treatment in California.

The secret to dense, shiny, manageable in short, a healthy hair there are more things you can try:-

  • Apply Vitamin E-rich oils like almond, walnut, and coconut.
  • Apply prebiotic like curd to remove dry scalp problems.
  • Apply apple cider vinegar to resist the fungal and bacterial growth that often causes eczema.
  • Eat Vitamin C and E-rich fruits like Indian gooseberries, lime. Oranges and avocados.

In the article, we wrote about what healthy hair is and how to achieve it. Now, let us discuss the causes that lead to unhealthy hair:-

  • Androgenetic disorders
  • Week metabolism
  • Unhealthy lifestyle
  • No time for maintenance
  • Bleach-treating the hair
  • Environmental cause
  • Seasonal changes
  • Incorrect use of hair cosmetics and products
  • Avoiding symptoms of abrupt hair fall
  • Avoiding alopecia areata.
  • Activated telogen effluvium.
  • Using harsh chemicals and frequent coloring.
  • Undergoing color developments often.
  • Exposing to heat and Sun

Certain adverse hair conditions and genetic disorders need replacements, plug-in, and transplants, respectively. Alopecia is one of them that calls for immediate expert intervention to deal with the scenario. As mentioned above, Just Hairs is the doorway to achieving a successful hair replacement service in California that is safe and performed by professionals. The California-based hair clinic is known to treat alopecia treatment in Concord.

Such world-class therapies and treatments must not go amiss. Contact them right away, and they are there to help you out in the best possible ways. They have treated over hundreds and you could be the next.



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