How To Replace Or Change The Background Of A Photo?

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There are times you take a photo only to find that it captured a cat or some awful-looking bird flying at lightning speed. Also, the photo may have a blurry trace of a dog in the background. When this happens, it may necessitate that you change or replace the photo’s background. Consequently, knowing how to delete background from image may improve your photo’s quality.

There are many methods to use to replace the background. You can choose to cut out the background by using Adobe or Picverse photo editor.

Whichever method you choose, it should remove the background to allow your picture to display the features that make it look attractive. Here is how you can use picture background remover to make your photo exceptional.

Using Picversephoto Editor

This is a simple but powerful program that allows the user to bring creativity into the photo. The software is installed with all the features you’ll need to change the background of a picture. With this software, you can add images, frames, effects and filters. Also, you can resize and crop images manually or automatically.

The tool allows you to change contrast, sharpness and even the white balance. PicversePhoto editor is fast and uses AI enhancement tools to change the background and make it more appealing.


Step 1

Using the tool is simple and does not require any prior knowledge. All you should do is download the software and install it on your PC. You will then open the file and follow the installation guidelines.


Import the photo into the program and launch the editor. Browse the image button to choose the picture you want to import into the software. Alternatively, you may drag the photo you want to edit into the program’s working area.


You’ll need to specify the background you want to remove. Navigate to the change the background tab and click the autoselect buttons. It allows you to mark the images you want to retain. Also, you may use the foreground brush to mark the objects to retain.

Alternatively, you can use the lasso tool to help mark out the object you want to retain. In addition, use the brush to mark the background you want to remove in red. When marking the object, you don’t need to worry about precision. The software allows you to roughly make the initial marking. Once you are done, click on the next button to add precision to the outline.

You can specify the borders by simply using a mask brush to print over them. Use a hair selection tool to help refine the image outline. To refine the wispy details, make use of the hair selection tool.

Step 4

You are now ready to change the background. Choose any solid color to become your new background. If you decide to replace the new background with a photo, click on add image. It opens a window to allow you to choose upload to use the picture to help you pick the image you want to use as a background from a collection of images.

If the results look good, go ahead and click on apply. However, if the results don’t look nice, click on reset to discard them. You will then need to save your new image by clicking the floppy disk icon. The icon is located in the right corner of your program window. But before you click ok, ensure to choose an appropriate format to save the photo.

Changing The Background Using Adobe Photoshop

Adobe is a powerful program that features numerous tools which you can use to change the background in a photo. Also, Photoshop ® allows you to add shadows to the foreground or adjust them so that they suit the new background.


Lounge the program on your PC and drag and drop the image of the object whose background you want to change. Click on the object selection to allow you to choose the object. Click on the Mask button to avail the Mask workspace.

Move the sliders appearing in the workspace to see how the object will look after you cut out the background. By moving the Shift Edge slider toward the left, you will be able to smoothen the edges of your selection.

Use a brush tool to delete any remaining background. Go to the Output To list and click on the Selection Option. Click Ok and navigate to the File menu to save your work. Give your new image an appropriate file name, choose the desired format and save it.

Of course, there are other picture background remover methods, such as changing the background online or changing the background using a smartphone app you may want to try out to change the background of a photo. However, PicversePhoto editor and Adobe Photoshop ® will guarantee you better results.



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