How to take care of 4b hair curls?

Every hair type is different in terms of its color and texture. Therefore it is obvious that each hair type requires a different hair care routine to provide proper nourishment and health to the hair. The hair clinic in east bay area recommends other processes of treatments to their clients so that it does not become quite a difficult task for the hair to be nurtured all by itself. Now coming straight to the point is that it is quite known that hair textures vary from individual to individual; some have straight hair, some have wavy ones, and the rest of the hair types follow the curly pattern. But even curly hair does have a different way. But this article will only explore the 4b hair types and how to take care of them.


As stated earlier in the article, not all hair types are similar; therefore, they have specific demands. When discussing curly hair types, it is better to be aware that even curly hair has different patterns; the 2c curls are the light curls, and the curls that are extremely tightly coiled hair are the 4c hair curls. And in between comes the 4b hair type. This type of hair pattern is generally seen among African women, and to care for the hair, it’s always better to know the exact hair type. Based on the hair type, the maintenance tips of the 4b curls should be followed.

The 4b curls are categorized between 4a and 4c hair types. The 4b curls follow a different pattern that is sharply angled in Z-shaped rings and is loosely defined when brought in comparison to 4a coils. Due to this pattern, they appear more fluffy than usually curled hair and are more zig-zagged. Meanwhile, the 4c curl pattern shows no definite way, but the 4b curl pattern can be identified to a certain extent.

Generally, 4b hair type is wiry textured hair and quite rough, so it should be mild and more patience is required to maintain these type of hair curls. Any hair type, be it straight or curly, requires moisturization. In other words, it can also be considered that oils are the food for the hair, which helps them to grow and store the natural nutrient content of the hair. Similarly, if spoken of the 4b hair curls, these are coarse textured hair and are sharp Z-shaped patterns. This strong Z-shaped pattern is an obstacle for the hair oil to get distributed evenly throughout the hair length and scalp. Therefore if not taken care of properly, the 4b curls will not retain any moisture. So to prevent such frizziness of the hair, it is better to treat them with a mixture of coconut oil and castor oil. Coconut oil is mixed as it acts as a carrier oil. So before taking a bath, the oil should be massaged properly from the hair roots till the end of the entire hair length, keep it for some minutes and then take a bath. If this way of providing moisture to the hair is followed religiously, the roughness of the hair can be prevented.

Providing some nutrients and moisture to the hair is the key factor in taking care of the hair. The best way to moisturize the 4b hair curls is to massage the hair with hot oil that can be either almond oil, castor oil or coconut oil. Castor oil is a light-weighed hair oil; therefore, it can be beneficial for a complicated curl like the 4b ones as it provides some soothing effect to the scalp and stimulates hair growth more. Conditioning is another key part that should be added to the hair care regime; at least twice a month, the 4b hair should receive deep conditioning to hold the moisture content. Even after stepping out of the shower, the curls should be treated with a leave-in conditioner, and it should be carried on as when applied every morning, it gives the hair that extra boost of staying moisturized. The hair studio clinics in different regions also recommend this method of nourishing and moisturizing the 4b hair curls.

Another way to take care of your 4b hair curls is by detangling them with fingers as these hairs are tightly coiled and are more prone to tangles; therefore, using thick bristled combs might lead to more breakages; consequently, it is better to use the fingers to detangle them first and then brush the hair gently with the combs. While washing, try to divide them into smaller sections; it would prevent the hair from getting tangled into complicated knots and thus will provide a proper wash to the hair. While sleeping, it is better to tie the hair in a pineapple and then cover it with a satin or silk bonnet. This helps prevent the hair from not getting rubbed against each other, which might lead to more severe breakages and split ends.


This article was meant to spread awareness that not every hair type is similar; therefore, to properly maintain healthy hair, one should know the hair needs and choose the product selection.



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