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The new-age jewelers are very much aware of society’s needs. People nowadays balance their expenditure wisely and intelligently. They love to spend their money on commodities with proper research and awareness; therefore, the markets must make sure their manufactured products resonate with people’s needs.

When talking about the jewelry trade, it’s essential to know how conventional designs and methods formulated the base of modern jewelry making.

The common elements like gold, platinum, diamonds, silver, and gemstones have changed a lot ever since the application of ornaments in civilized human society.

But the changes have been implemented only with the perspectives of the designs and not with the compositions. The methods for binding metals and alloys have not seen many alterations in the jewelry manufacturing industry.

Let us see some of the important updates regarding the metals and gems used for jewelry making:-

Gold jewelry updates

Gold is a highly versatile metal; it goes well with all the gems and its substitutes. For example — A brilliant-looking American Diamond crowned on 22K gold or 18K gold looks incredible. Even if you can’t go for the original piece of diamond, an ad with gold complements each other’s combination. The functional quality of gold supports all kinds of birthstones like Amethyst, pearl, blue sapphire, yellow sapphire, garnet, etc. It can be structured with any preferable Gold Karat. The ethnic ideas can be cast in the gold ornament of your choice and influence the modern outlook. This is why people of every age group acknowledge gold.


Diamonds are love! No one could ever deny this love. A contemporary style of diamond jewelry adds a lot of elegance, especially to the bridal look. The new trends in jewelry casting demand a sleek set of ornaments that complement both the traditional and modern spectrum. A diamond set doesn’t require an “overdone” look; rather, it’s ok to opt for a specific and detailed piece. For example; A sleek diamond necklace looks much better than the heavy one.


Nowadays, silver is no less in demand, especially with concern with breath-taking jewelry like anklets. The anklets can be contemporary and heavy at the same time. A high-quality silver is less flexible and glowing. However, when plated with platinum dust, it looks exactly like platinum jewelry or a piece of white gold. It is said that silver causes skin rash and itchiness, but platinum dusted silver jewelry has not witnessed any complaints.This is an example of amalgamation between the traditional method and new age modification.

Birthstone updates

Wearing a birthstone is a matter of well-being. It’s said that every birth month is connected with a gemstone having a significant impact on human beings and helping them create a blessed life ahead. This is an inspirational idea for diffusing tradition with modern classics. Birthstone gems are jewelry that reflects the beliefs and a different concept of wearing them, which ultimately makes us think about the combination of conventional jewelry making and new era jewelry casting. Such a is difficult to find unless you get a renowned jewelry store who have a breath-taking collection of authentic gems, metals, and unique designs that compels us to invest in them.

This article is an attempt to cover the traditional base of jewelry and its journey to modern modifications. Ever since humans began to understand jewelry and its importance, they also came across reality checks that show which ones are real and fake. We must be aware of counterfeit compositions in precious metals.

Fake jewelry has been a matter of concern for a long time. People have undergone bluffing in the name of authentic jewelry. Therefore everyone must be aware when proceeding to buy an ornament composed of precious metals or gemstones. A few most common fake selling of jewelry consists of the matters like:-

  • Platinum-plated accessories can be sold as real platinum jewelry pieces.
  • A piece of silver jewelry can be replaced with white gold
  • Fake hallmarks can be put in the jewelry piece.
  • Fake gemstones can be sold in the name of authentic ones.

Thus this is solely our responsibility to inspect and study the genuine jewelry out of the fake ones.

Some ways to determine the fineness of the jewelry items are:-


Hallmarks are the easiest way to check genuine conventional jewelry. One must look for the Hallmark center identification mark and the jewelry engraved in the product. There must be a match between the hallmark center identification number and the number on the jewelry product. The numbers and characters must be readable.


The jewelry production undergoes iron coverage with alloys with the procedure of gilding. A jewelry item with optimal precious metal content should not get magnetized when a magnet is placed near it. One must carry a piece of a magnet when going for such inspections.


Flexibility is a good way to identify between silver and platinum. A few Jewelry stores are clever enough to plate silver jewelry with platinum dust. However, silver has the property of flexibility and lesser shine when compared with platinum. On the other hand, authentic platinum is not flexible and lacks its natural glow. A platinum does need replating like silver.

Traces on ceramic

Gold leaves golden marks on unburned ceramic tiles when rubbed with a genuine gold product. In contrast, the fake ones will go with the ceramic tile with a grey shade. This method is one of the most effective ways to inspect pure gold contents. This method is equally useful if you think about customized gold jewelry like a and are excited to know the gold percentage.

After studying the methods of recognizing real metals and gemstones, you must have received ideas of investing money in authentic ones. as the title suggests, is a combination of authentic metals and at reasonable prices. You’ll get the products of your dream here that quench the thirst for both traditional and modern jewelry designs.



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