Pre-remodeling Checklist

You change the laminates of your kitchen cabinet, add a new island space or add a new tabletop; any remodeling you think of needs demolition and then the creation of your idea. But no matter how small or big your remodeling projects are, they require proper planning and specific prep work before starting with the work so that there is no unnecessary damage.

If you are preparing for a big renovation, you won’t have access to the kitchen for a while. In that case, talk to your renovation contractor in NYC and accordingly pack a few essential daily-use equipments like coffee cups, bowls, plates, and some glasses. Grab all your must-have stuff and pack the rest.

These are few items you will need while packing the items:

· Boxes

· Tapes

· Markers/Labels

· Wrapping papers

· Bubble wrap (to store fragile objects)

Here are some tips to help you pack your items before remodeling:

1. Pack your items according to the category

Pack all the items according to the category; for example, pack eating items like plates, bowls, and all dinner wears together. You can also categorize according to cookware, cans, glass wear, etc. Categorization makes it easier to be found and will further help you while re-arranging all the items. Make sure to add enough paddings to all the dishes and other fragile utensils. Pack as if you are moving out.

2. Pack things together

Pack your items as you would fit in your cabinets; it makes your unpacking a lot easier. Keep all the like things together, like the canned goods and other food items together. You can arrange all your baking equipment together, such as measuring cups and glass baking utensils together. Also, do not forget about the kitchen gadgets; it’s best to wrap them first and keep them in the same box. Do not forget to level the boxes.

3. You can donate some stuff that you do not need.

As you get an opportunity to arrange and sort out all your kitchen goods, you can use this time to sort out and give away things to the needy that you do not need or you do not use frequently. Donating will make your kitchen lighter and, at the same time, will help someone in need.

4. Thing Big

If any other room associated with your kitchen has a possible chance of getting affected by the reconstruction work, you can remove wall hangings or curtains and blinds from that room; if there are beds or sofas, you can cover them to avoid dust particles from settling on them.

All these packing and rearranging of objects are essential to avoid unexpected destruction during remodeling works.

Before starting on the packaging, make a checklist so that not even a single thing is missed; listing always helps keep things organized. It is also essential to take a brief note from the kitchen renovation contractor on the proceedings and the estimated days of work, as the checklist will be dependent on that.

All the big home contractors in NYC, like the Reliable Home Contractor, have an efficient team to undertake all the proceedings with utter care and precision. They tend to leave the area clean after work every day to avoid careless accidents; hence with them, you can be tension-free about the quality of work.



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