Role of technology in Marketing

Sushanta Das
5 min readOct 29, 2021


Role of technology in Marketing

With the advancement of technology and the digital world, marketing agents have seen a major uprise in their traditional practices. Throughout the past few decades, innovation and technology have taken a major turn in a world of competitions. Things now move faster than letters or newspapers.

Technology developments come in all forms. The digital era has penetrated well enough in the young entrepreneurial minds of innovation and entrepreneurship. Utilizing 360° approaches, marketers and business owners ensure efficient results and potential audiences for their businesses.

Role of Technology

The role of technology in marketing now comes with a package consisting of SEO, SMM, Advertising, AI, Big Data, and more. Take a close look at your lifestyle, where you are constantly surrounded by technology. Smartphones, laptops, Google, automatic vehicles, everything seems to have seeped into our lives and imprinted their features beautifully.

Technology alone has led to the inventions of strategic business plans and business productions. These inventions have impacted the lives of customers, greatly sufficing to their requirements. With technology, businesses have found some ways and gateways to complete their tasks alternatively and timely.

Gone are those days when marketers or companies referred to newspapers or radio channels, brochures, and editorial pages for promoting their brands.

With the marketing industry evolving its scenario, a few points describe the revolutionizing marketing function, how technology has taken over the space of innovative business ideas in innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • Chatbots in modern technology

You must have noticed websites popping their chatbots when visiting their sites. Not now, but chatbots have been in use for quite some time. A technology that acts as a guide for customers or visitors and assists in solving their inquiries, chatbots are now more than ever beneficial for handling customers.

When running a business, owners or marketers need to know their plans and counterattacks well enough to receive feedback or questions of all kinds. Chatbots can be an excellent tool for the business intelligence analysis of a company.

According to reports, most of the conversation is carried out in AI specialized chatbots assuring good customer services and efficient marketing strategy.

  • Search Engine Optimization

Digital marketing is a well-off strategy that businesses are bound to utilize in their marketing methods. Without digital marketing, companies are sure to shut down long before they are even established. SEO (/search engine optimization) is the major concern for any digital marketing strategy.

Being the most important element of digital marketing, professionals create SEO-based content only to fulfill its criteria for getting brand recognition. People searching over a product want their solutions to show up at the top of the search results.

This is possible only websites of those products are SEO-optimized to rank you higher in the SERPs. Thus, growing technology and algorithms in innovation and entrepreneurship ensure the organic growth of businesses worldwide.

In simple terms, SEO makes your brand more accessible online to any people searching for your services or products.

  • Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is just the friend you want in advancing your business. It is the real development and assistance for marketers to perform human tasks efficiently with proven results.

What do you think about robots? Or, what do you understand when you search about institutes offering HRD Corp skills training to young entrepreneurial minds. And the very next day, when you open YouTube, you see many Ad posts related to your previous search history.

This is known as “retargeting ads,” a type of AI that connects brands with their potential customers. Other than that, recommendation/suggestion search boxes, AI chatbots, quick replies, etc., are all examples of modern AI features.

  • Voice Assistants

One of the easiest and quick technology-enhanced features people love to use is the voice assistant feature. Whether search engines or narrating content on any platform, a voice assistant is a great option for more than one-third of total consumers.

This innovative tool is used to search for anything to everything, be it local or enterprise, fulfilling the needs of the people hassle-free. With growing popularity, marketers have now adapted to the changing pattern of search engines.

They can now make use of specific voice-search-related keywords and target customers efficiently. Voice assistants are now the most important marketing strategy in innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • Mobile advertising

Smartphones are now an indispensable technology assisting marketers in staying connected with their clients and potential audiences. Clearly, the new generation has seen a major surge in the usage of smartphones more than laptops or desktops, even though all three of them are in huge use professionally.

Comparatively, with greater use of smartphones, small-scale and large-scale businesses are offered brilliant social media marketing strategies to communicate with their clients and customers.

Proper social media campaigns, when implemented properly, can take businesses to new heights. Smartphones are simply the gateways to expanding the customer base.

As per reports of 2020, the number of mobile internet users stood at 4.28 billion, indicating 90% of the total global population using phones to access the internet and social media.

  • Video Marketing

When young minds indulge in innovation and entrepreneurship, they want to utilize authentic content, user-friendly websites, and videos to direct their audiences rightly.

Not just customers but professionals use videos to propose business plans to their clients to explain their uniqueness and creativity.

Video marketing is all about promoting innovative business ideas uniquely to keep audiences engaged and interested in your brand.

Technology changing Marketing Patterns — Conclusion

With different technological platforms advancing towards modernization with about 5 billion internet users, marketers can expand their business globally. Imagine how big of an opportunity it is for all companies to connect customers worldwide when one-third of online activity is meant for entertainment videos on YouTube, Facebook, Google, Instagram, etc.

Although the investment cost needs to increase when indulging in new technology, you can surely expect a higher ROI when committing to this technologically advancing era.

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