The human factors that affect aviation

The aviation industry is a vast industry that deals with many difficulties to bring out its efficiency in all aspects. But still, as human beings are shouldered up with the responsibilities of such a huge industry, there are certainly human factors or mistakes that affect the aviation industry from various other dimensions. And to learn more about aviation, the best thing to do is get into a deep study of the field. The aviation training institute in kolkata like SFTS Edu and many others are among the best choices to make if one wants to flourish in the aviation sector. So this article will explore the human factors that affect aviation in particular.


If speaking about the factors that lead to mishaps or accidents in the airline industry, it can be said that human errors and carelessness are the key factors for aircraft incidents and accidents in specific. The person among all the crew members who are mostly responsible for the safety of a flight is the pilot and the first officer or the co-pilot. Most accidents occur in the aircraft due to errors in the services of the crew members, especially the pilots. Now the question is how? The answer is very straight and direct to the question as human mistakes or errors by the flight crew, air traffic controller, maintenance personnel, and others are responsible for aircraft accidents. And the main reason behind these accidents is the unawareness of the accurate information regarding the climatic condition, a thorough check of the flight equipment and many others.

Sometimes the miscommunication among the crew members also stimulates the possibility of aircraft incidents or accidents. The crew members’ inaccurate situational unawareness also arises in aircraft crashes and accidents. To be true, not every time the flight crew can be accused for the mishappenings as sometimes the situation gets so worst coincidently that it gets out of control; such cases involve the difficulty of the flight crew of not having the critical data that might be necessary to gather the adequate information that would define the situation depending on which the further steps of the operation shall be taken. Thus inappropriate decisions ultimately lead to accidents.

On the other side, the flight member might have all the required information for the aircraft operation. Still, their misinterpretation of the information pieces leads to unfortunate situations.

It is necessary to be properly trained before joining the aviation industry professionally. SFTS Edu is one of the well-known professional training institutes in Kolkata. It guides its students to pursue all the capabilities of dealing with the worst to worst situations in aviation. The lack of professionalism, skills or training comes straight to the point. Sometimes the flight crew is provided with all the critical data needed for the aircraft to fly, accurately defines the situation and properly interprets the data. Still, the lack of skills, training or the procedure of making the decisions ensures the failure of the operation. And time management is another key factor that impacts aircraft operations to a great extent. To carry out the instructions given to the flight crew at a specific time and manage everything within that time is an essential job as a slip of a fraction of even a nano-second might call for a big disastrous situation.

There is always a way to get rid of any problem, so in that case, the automated features of the flight control system can improvise situational awareness. The automatic feature of the flight control systems works out efficiently as it greatly reduces the crew’s workload, thus preventing unusual or unexpected aircraft crashes. The aircraft should be designed so crew members can carry out the necessary tasks, especially during crucial times when there is some situational crisis or emergency at an odd hour. Aircraft should be designed keeping in mind the convenience of the crew members so that they can reasonably be expected to encounter. Meanwhile, it will have the correct information of the data needed in an easily recognizable form that would facilitate the proper decision-making of the flight operation.


With the development of the human brain to invent new things to ease man’s life, the airline industry has also entered the door of advancement; therefore, the risks of human errors have also been reduced to quite a reasonable extent. But still, it is always better to be properly skilled and be aware of all the unexpected situations in aviation for the maintenance of the safety of the flight as it is a big responsibility as it might risk out the lives of people as well.



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