The Right Mentality For Starting a Business

Sushanta Das
5 min readJan 21, 2022


“The right mentality for starting a business” — what do you mean by that? The goal of every entrepreneur is to make money. And for that dream or ambition, as some would say (I know I’m partial), you need a plan- technically! There are many different business strategy plannings out there, but starting with the idea that has been thoroughly thought through will give your company more opportunity than just putting blind faith into something without considering all angles first hand.

So, What is a Business Mindset? Or perhaps, Business Mentality?

The “business mindset” is a way of thinking that enables you to uncover and see problems as opportunities, then turn those into something bigger. It’s an understanding about how someone has made everything we come across in life with some idea at first place — who executed it well enough for us all to enjoy what they created! There are challenges, no matter where anyone goes. Some people might deal with these obstacles better than others because they have a certain personality trait that helps shape their outlook on problems as opportunities instead of threats. This would probably thrive more off chance over adversity due to… maybe an innovative mindset!?

Today’s article is about the right mentality for starting your business, and if you’re into innovation and entrepreneurship, no wonder you might even get some help!

Having a Growth Mindset

Entrepreneurs are mostly satisfied with the idea of having big ROIs before even starting practically. Whereas there are bunches who even think they are aware of what they are doing. What if we say they are in grave danger as they aren’t learning anything. If they don’t possess a mindset towards human growth or growth of their surroundings, innovators and entrepreneurs might never realise what they’re missing or losing.

Some professional business coaches in Malaysia agree that without proper knowledge of marketing or strategic business planning, there’s no way you can implement innovative ideas or expect high returns. You’ll lose your confidence when your business keeps failing (not to mention the huge loss in the investment you made). Again, you just don’t win with a growth mindset. There come situations when you have to push yourselves to the brim, without which your startup will lose its performance. You need to be innovative and, at the same time, operative.

The power of having the right mindset can change your life. I’ve seen many entrepreneurs waste precious hours procrastinating because they don’t have a growth-oriented mentality. Instead, their thoughts are constantly focused on what should or shouldn’t be done next, usually resulting in an avoidance strategy that ultimately wastes valuable working days for little gain (unless we’re talking about success).

Mindsets can be learned. At the same time, they can be strengthened, nourished, and grown when an entrepreneur is willing to do so.

Having a Mindset of Intentions

Being an entrepreneur, let me ask you this: Why Do You Want To Start A Business?

Entrepreneurs who don’t have the right mindset can end up wasting their time, energy and finances. A person’s intentions will determine how successful they are in starting a business. So entrepreneurs need to know what type of company goals or ideas appeal most before diving into any action taken against achieving them.

Having a Mindset of Empowerment

The key to success in business is not just making sure you have a great product or service but also capturing the attention of your target market, so they engage with what it is that YOU offer. Entrepreneurs tend to fall behind after proper competitor research, even with a good business strategy plan and fresh venture ideas. It all starts with losing their capabilities, dynamic approach, influential leadership and management.

Have you ever seen how a stone, when dropped into a water body, creates ripples moving away from the water farther from its initial position? That’s exactly what enters the entrepreneur’s work mode as well when he loses his self-confidence. The entrepreneur’s voice should resonate with the audience. To do this, you have to spend time reconnecting and continuing on your journey as an innovative force in society by envisioning yourself becoming even more powerful than before.

Having a Mindset of Challenging the Hardest Thing

What do you consider when we say “the hardest thing?”

Let’s see what the certified business coaches in Malaysia from Expert Mind Solutions have to say.

The hardest part is not when you are taking a step towards innovation and entrepreneurship. Neither is it when you are formulating on some smart business strategy planning. Rather, the hardest part is finding out the clue behind what might actually work when you have nothing to offer your audiences — a situation where you have no clue as to what or where you are marching with your troops; whether it’s about launching a new product or carrying forward the same innovative business ideas in their modified form.”

It’s about marching towards the hardest thing to achieve success. A route that not everyone would opt for even when the weightage of the trophy is heavier. Risks? Of course, they matter and must be kept in mind. After all, name a successful entrepreneur who didn’t take that one step that was at an ‘either-or-neither’ stake?

Having a Mindset of Accepting Advice

Entrepreneurs are mostly looking for ways to get ahead of their competition and increase market share. This means that sometimes they need professional help, like when investing in equipment or making key decisions about the future prospects of your business — things you cannot know without consulting someone who has done this sortation before!

Having a Mindset of Offering

Sharing is not losing; it’s more of a caring attitude. Your audiences are not always searching for products. Who said that? I’m sure you have specific tips and resources that might help others bloom. All you need is a potential platform where you can advertise your content and change the game a little. The result is, oversharing your valuable content can pay off your readers and boost a good customer base.

It’s an era of digital marketing. Entrepreneurs must aim to build an audience interested in business, both in content and products.


Entrepreneurship is not easy. It takes hard work, resilience and a positive mindset to continue building what you believe is the best thing to do no matter how many times it fails. This is why mastering entrepreneurial skills through HRDF skills training courses (offered by Malaysian training providers) can make a difference in your business growth.

Expert Mind Solutions aims in providing strategic business plan courses for professionals to help achieve their goals. Those still worried or confused about their startup plans may also find time-worthy consultancy services.



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