Tips for creating a company Identity

A solid brand name is just as valuable as having a unique personal name on social media. Unlike your names, a brand name isn’t something that develops with single-day work. This naming requires deep thinking and analysis, effectiveness, guidance, and proper understanding of its goals. Brand Identity or Company Identity is not limited to logos or taglines.

So What Exactly Is Brand Identity?

Innovation and Entrepreneurship come with the teaching of Brand Creation. Being an entrepreneur or an existing leader, your brands must speak about your new startup ideas or existing innovative business ideas. Ultimately your brand identity is a way of communication where you talk about your ideas to the world and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Brand Identity is thus a collection of all the essentials your company forms to portray its actual image to the world. Remember that a ‘Brand Identity’ is always different from ‘Branding’ Or ‘Brand Image.’ Some of the strongest brand identity examples carved out with time and patience are:

  • Coca-Cola
  • Samsung
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Apple
  • Google
  • Toyota
  • Amazon

Now, this pops up a question as to Why brand identity is Important?

When you ensure new business ideas and business development strategies to the world, a real-time embodiment of those ideas and everything your business would do, is also essential. What does your brand identity include for real-time sustenance?

  • Logo
  • Typography
  • Illustrations
  • Web Design
  • Interactive contents
  • Photography
  • Video and Motion (Graphic) contents
  • Data Visualizations
  • Colours
  • Iconography

How to Create Brand Identity?

A step-by-step guide for creating an excellent brand identity has been mentioned below to lessen your burden.

These tips and guides will also help in business innovation if you are just a starter or rebranding.


Audience Researching

Like a master in entrepreneurship and innovation understands the dire need for market analysis before proposing his best business ideas, similar is the case with brand identity. Different audiences want different things and concepts. But to keep it unique and pivotal, you need to learn what your audiences need from an industrial business point of view.

Value Proposition and Competitor Analysis

Why must audiences get attracted to your latest business ideas only? What difference do you boast that your competitors can not? Knowing the difference in standards and visions of your competitors is crucial.

Hence, keeping an eye on or analyzing their efforts can help educate and learn modern techniques for newer brand identity or brand recreation.

Mission and Personality — Brand Heart

The foundational work for creating your brand identity starts from the base, which is the mission and vision, followed by personality. You need to be answerable to yourself when you think about why you’ve created this business and why you need to entitle it.

It helps in gaining confidence and understanding the values. The more you know your business, your brand strength will be better. A few questions to ask yourselves to get started with this process are:

  • Why did I start the business?
  • What do we believe in delivering?
  • What are our values and ethics?
  • What makes us unique?
  • If my Brand could speak, how would it describe itself?

With these questions, getting the first foundation ready won’t be tough. It is similar to many business strategies entrepreneurs plan while starting a new business.

Analyzing your SWOT

SWOT stands for Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats. Hence understanding your SWOT can be imperative and beneficial to understand your Brand and implementing the right business strategy for growth.

  • Strength builds positive characteristics of your innovative business ideas.
  • Weakness characterizes the disadvantages to your thoughts.
  • Opportunities talk more about the trends and changes in your business.
  • Threats caution about the significant elements that might cause problems for your business in the future.

Designing it the way you want

Being a fresh mind should be able to design his Brand uniquely.


A logo is the most rewarding part of your Brand that creates better recognition. The logo is everywhere, from your website to advertising, business cards, etc.


An excellent eye-catching colour palette is always an illuminator and a highlighter. With the various colour variants, creating unique designs for your businesses keeps you faithful to your Brand.


Maintaining an iconic typo is equally qualifying as it drives you into the trends. No matter how great a brand is, each has its iconic typography that adds to its identity and imprints its brand name on our minds.


Creating your website is yet again the most representative element for brand promotion. Your audiences will search for your website if you are an entrepreneur who develops new online business ideas with digital products.

And your website is where you get to boast your brand logo fully.

Product Packaging

Instead of digital, your product packaging also carries most of the attention if your product is physical. If you love it, simple, so be it. But keep it much authentic, how your customers would want it to be.

This way, you get to drive in more loyalty and repetitive purchases. Hence, you have a fantastic opportunity to shine in the minds of your audiences.

Business Cards

Whether you are a master in business skills, wondering about organizational strategies, or an entrepreneur sharing his latest business ideas, business cards are something that accompanies you everywhere you go.

Hence a well-designed business card reinforces the positive characteristics of yourselves and your Brand in the minds of potential clients. Remember to keep it simple with the presence of your logo and the iconic typography you chose to use everywhere.

Avoid the possibilities

Now that you’ve created a unique brand identity, you must now look upon certain uncertainties that may come dwelling upon. Do not give a chance to falter your Brand.

Avoid mixed messages to customers.

When delivering content about your ‘Who and What,’ don’t overdo it with additional language, as it may confuse the audience.

Too many designs and colours may also hurt your Brand and your organizational performance.

Never copy competitors

You may be an entrepreneur with similar yet enhanced business ideas. Or you can be a brand recreator working hard for your brand reinforcement. Whatever the case may be, putting your twists, splashes, and spices to their ideas makes you unique, and being confident is the key to happiness.

Monitoring your Brand and maintaining Brand Identity

Like other aspects, understanding the direction and outcomes is difficult and time-consuming. Various data analytics tools help analyze your metrics and monitor your Brand and its service.

Data Analytics software helps you understand what people are talking about you with the help of surveys, social media discussions, comments, etc. These data-driven reports help improvise and rectify mistakes oozing out the best of your brand identity.

Final Words

Brand creation might seem to be a small task, but, indeed, it is an intimidating one. You need to take care of every slight possibility it carries with every decision. Several business management professionals seek higher authority guidance and help to help create their brand identity. Successful consultancy firms like Expert Mind Solutions have been one of the top consultancies to provide company consulting in every sector and domain.

EMS Global is also loved by professionals and entrepreneurs seeking business management training. They consist of high-level professional minds working together to recreate a better future with the best innovative ideas.



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