Using Facebook Groups to Engage Your Customers

Sushanta Das
5 min readFeb 3, 2022

Starting off today’s post with an ultimate statistic offered by There are over 2.9 billion monthly active Facebook users, and all those serious marketers have already started paying extra care and attention to their social media strategies. What is different is that they just started with Facebook groups, which is… a SMART move! With over 70 million admins running actively on Facebook, more than 1.8 billion people use Facebook groups. Of which, more than half of the users are personally in four to five groups.

What do we understand from these two figures? You have the best platform to capture your potential customers. Additionally, Facebook helps you build your own customer base, thus enhancing your business community.

Benefits of Facebook Groups

So, this might be a completely new thing for a few people who still believe Facebook is meant for entertainment purposes. This is luckily a case when you are hell bored. However, innovation and entrepreneurship have found the right social media platform to engage and connect with people who share their interests in products and services.

  • Helps you build strong relationships with customers

Who even follows someone when he has no interest in the other person? The same is the case with your business. Only those interested in staying in your group believe in your business and your high-profile content. Morally, when you offer good customer service, clients refer to your websites and official social media pages. This further keeps them updated about your services.

  • Increase in leads and conversions

Why do you think we always ask our readers to add call-to-action buttons on any of their websites? That’s not just for a show but highly impacts your bucket of potential leads. Be it websites or any official social media pages; when you have highly engaging customers in your community and are attracted towards your products and innovative business ideas, they might want to further subscribe to your newsletters, purchase your products, sign up in your official community groups, etc.

This is possible only when you establish your brand authenticity and credibility successfully. Offering valuable content is one way to do so. Not to forget, you are indirectly saving up that extra ad budget from your paid campaigns.

  • Source of Honest Reviews

Facebook groups can be used as a strong strategy to seek reviews. Use it as a forum, and you will see people responding to your polls and questionnaire. How and when can you utilize this creative business strategy planning? Well, if you have a new idea or product to launch and you are excited about people’s feedback, why not ask them directly about your thoughts?

In Facebook groups, people are always waiting for interesting and new content.

Strategies for Maintaining a Healthy Facebook Group

Create your group ONLY for your Customers

The first step to getting started with a Facebook business group is to keep your intentions clear enough for people to understand what this is all about. When you have a strong and innovative business idea, ensure that your group promotes the same idea. Give your group a proper name, a good biodata, images to specify your service — everything that points down to your business goals and beliefs.

Introduce new joiners with what you are and wish this group to look like. Additionally, you can encourage them to share their creative views that can help you achieve more fame and meet the standards of your potential audiences. Choose the appropriate privacy that should determine who sees your information and members’ names.

It is best to keep your business group a closed one among the three different types of Facebook groups (public, closed, secret). So only those who are your members will see your content, and no nuisance is created.

Establish a strong Gang of Loyal Members

Who are the loyal ones in a community? Someone actively participating in your proposed activities helping you gain more fame and attention; someone who actively shares your posts, likes, and comments on them. You can encourage others as well who join the group newly. Share your business goals and what you wish to achieve through the business group.

You’ll notice your royals members even offering you real competitor analysis for your betterment. Try tagging your best members in your posts, and you’ll see how responsive they become in any new social media post.

Delight your Customers with Interesting Content

Another effective business strategy planning to outgrow your organizational performance is by offering high-end content — strong enough to magnetize your potential audiences. Try sharing links to your daily articles and blogs, keep your social media posts engaging by writing interesting captions, uploading relatable images and videos.

You can also move their attention to your business’ testimonials which you may receive from the various business listing platforms. Launching a new product? Bubble up their excitement and curiosity with press releases.

Maintain Rules and Code of Conduct

Okay, here comes the most important rule after creating a business group on Facebook. You do not want any nuisance to hover around your group or business. Ensure that the members joining your community are aware of any rules you set. In Facebook, you can set up to ten rules which is enough to keep things in control.

Include basic modes of conduct such as posting only relatable content, having productive discussions related to your business only, not comparing your venture with any competitors (although sharing strategies and interpretations is alright to the most extent). Set a tone that encourages strict and professional behavior without spamming or scamming.

Additionally, set an ultimatum or a message in their joining process that any illegal activity or spamming could lead to their dismissal from the group with or without any prior notice.

Prevent Bots or Scams by maintaining an Admittance Questionnaire

Questionnaires are important. They are very important to keep any spammer from spamming your group and negatively influencing your existing members. Therefore, craft a questionnaire that every member joining your community needs to answer. It also helps bots stay away from your groups. How?

The process would require members to read through your rules and code of conduct and agree to them effectively. FOr instance, when your questionnaire includes email verification, you’ll easily notice the difference between bot emails and personal emails.

We hope this post was useful and answered any of your queries. Before ending, it’s important to let you know that there are numerous ways to create a Facebook group account. You can use your phone or laptop, keep it public or closed.

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