Winter hair care tips

Hair is something that helps one to boost the confidence level, and when we face the problem of hair loss then, it becomes a major reason for the drawback of feeling confident. In order to maintain healthy hair, a proper hair care regime must be followed. The hair clinic in east bay area comes up with various effective methods to be applied in order to serve some extra nourishment and care to the hair.


Our hair turns into different textures depending on the seasons. Like in summers, the hair and the scalp are more sticky and sloppy due to the humidity in the atmosphere, whereas in winters, the scalp tends to turn drier, often leading to unnecessary build-ups in the scalp like dandruff. So this article will be about providing some tips for hair care in the winter. So let’s dig into some of the easy remedies.

  • People living in the regions where the cold climatic condition pertains throughout the year experience the tolls the chilled cold climate takes upon them. The winter season makes the hair more dry and frizzy; just like the skin, even the hair needs protection. It is very necessary to wear a hat during winters in order to make the hat work as a shield. It becomes essential to hold the hair’s moisture as moisture-robbing dry air, wind, snow, and rain make the hair texture more prone to breakages. Hats made of wool, cotton and other fabrics can also lead to breakages, so it is better to line the hat with any satin or silk cloth to prevent hair damage. On the other hand, using dry oils is also wise as they contain natural oils that moisturise hair and help bring back its shine.
  • The kind of hair texture the hair gets into during winter is very dry and eventually leads to split ends. So it is always better to get the hairs trimmed from the bottom every four to eight weeks. It helps in the prevention of further hair breakages and damage as well. Simultaneously giving the hair a healthier condition.
  • During winters, it always feels great to have a shower in warm water. But the steamy shower might lead to turning the hair texture more horrible than ever experienced. To a certain extent, understandably, it always feels great to take a hot water bath when the temperature has gone below a reasonable extent. But the hot water baths make the hair more vulnerable to breaking, thus making it more brittle. So the hair should be washed with lukewarm water and a cool rinse.
  • Getting the hair styled into various styles has always been on trend in recent times. But to style them, heating tools are required. In another way, it is also noticed that too fast dry the hair, an electric hair drier is often used. But this method of drying the hair is wrong as it spoils the hair’s health more, making it more prone to drying and frizziness. Therefore it is always better to air dry the hair. Try soaking the excess water of the hair (after bath) in the towel so that it becomes easy for the natural air to dry the hair faster. Another thing which is not supposed to be forgotten is heat stylings of the hair must be avoided, especially during the winters, as the state of the hair is more delicate during the winter season. The heat styling tools suck the natural moisture content of the hair, thus leaving it drier. So the avoidance of such devices is better to be evaded.
  • Never step out of the house with wet hair, as wet hair is more vulnerable to damage and breakages than dry hair. And walking outside the house with damp hair covered with a hat can cause the hair to freeze, resulting in its breakage. Hair loss Clinics worldwide suggest applying hair oils to prevent the ruin of the hair’s health. Therefore, opting for a lightweight leave-in formula with argan oil is always better to revitalize damaged and dry hair instantly. It is always recommended to apply hair oil at the ends daily to protect the hair and replenish its moisture.
  • Avoid frequent hair washes; the more the inch is scrubbed, the more it deteriorates with its condition. Overwashing the hair strips it of natural oils that help keep the hair protected and retain its moisture. So it is better to avoid washing the hair every day rather than wash them every two to three weeks.


This article is about educating people regarding the haircare regimes that should be included to maintain the hair’s health properly.



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